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Attached is what I have on some of the earlier lines, additions/corrections greatly appreciated, thanks, Jim.

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Hi, Jim. I seem to be missing Creoda of Wessex. I have Cerdic and then Ceawlin. Yours is probably correct, though.

I believe most lists do not include Crioda. The single origin of his name seems to originate in only one of the nine existing copies of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Also, most translations of the Chronicle have two entries showing Cynric as son of Cerdic. I have more information in my notes and can provide citations if interested.

Yes, I would be most interested, thanks, Jim.
The following are entries from:
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, According to the Several Original Authorities, Edited with a Translation by Benjamin Thorpe, Vol II Translation, London: Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1861

“An. CCCC.XCV. In this year came two aldormen to Britain, Cerdic, and Cynric his son, with five ships, at the place which is called Cerdices ora (Charford); and on the same day fought against the Welsh.”

“An. D.XXXIV. In this year Cerdic, the first king of the West Saxons, died and Cynric his son succeeded to the kingdom, and reigned on for twenty-six (twenty-seven) winters; and they gave all the island of Wight to their two nephews, Stuf and Wihtgar.”

These are the two entries from the years 495 and 534 which show Cerdic and Cynric as father and son. This book is also digitized and available through Google Books.

If you have access to The English Historical Review, there are several articles on this subject the best being:
G. H. Wheeler, The Genealogy of the Early West Saxon Kings, The English Historical Review, Vol. 36, No. 142 (Apr., 1921), pp. 161-171

I don’t but my cousin got a copy for me through JSTOR. JL
Thanks, I did check and in my notes I do have that Creoda generation is questioned. Attached is what I have but unfortunately the sources don't seem to be working properly (uses both cardinal numbers & roman numerals, as well as not print out the biblio info - have to find out what the glitch is). Will get over to the library to find the article you quoted, thanks, Jim.

I have a call in to my cousin Jim about this. We both worked on this part of our family trees but he has most of the resources we ended up using. So I will either get him to reply here or get his help before getting back to you. JL



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