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Bill Roseborough born 1902 in Mississippi,Beat 3 Panola,Mississippi

Bille Roseborough born 1906 in Mississippi in Batesville Panola,Miss.

Brother Name:Vandy Roseborough

Wife Name:Virginia Vaughan/Vaughn born 1843 in Tennessee

Mother Name of Maggie Roseborough born 1877 in Mississippi

Niece Name:Rosa B.Roseborough born 1929 in Mississippi and died April 4,1939 in Cook County Illinois and her spouse Name is David Shield.

Abraham Lincoln Vaughn/Vaughan born March 2,1870 in Tennessee,Civil District 1 Tipton,Tennessee and his Wife; name is :Ella Vaughan/Vaugh born 1877 in Mississippi and they have kids as well.

William David Vaughan Sr born Nov 16,1902 in Mississippi and died Jan 25, 1984 in Gary Lake Indiana as well.

Zeatia Vaughn born 1905 in Mississippi,Civil District Tipton Tennessee

Ogleny Vaugn born 1907 in Mississippi,Civil District Tipton Tennessee

Thora Vaughan born 1909 in Mississippi

Deela Vaughn born July 16,1911 in Mississippi and died 1995 and her spouse name is (Rev Esaw Tolliver born 1903-1982)

Mira Vaughan born 1901 in Mississippi,Beat 1 Panola,Mississippi and her Parents are (Abraham Lincoln Vaughan and Ella Vaughan)

Son;E.J.Vaughan born Nov 4,1912-Jan 1978 and died in Chicago Ill.

Daughter;Kizzie Vaughan born 1915 in Mississippi,Civil District

Daughter;Bonnie Vaughan born 1916 in Mississippi,Civil District

Daughter;Lory Vaughan born 1917 in Mississippi,Civil District

Son;Brady Vaughan born 1896 in Mississippi,Beat 1 Panola Mississi

Daughter;Corine Vaughan born 1905 in Mississippi

Daughter;Ethel Vaughan born 1905 in Mississippi,Beat 1 Panola Miss.

Daughter: Olay Vaughan born 1907 in Mississippi,Beat 1 Panola ,Miss

Daughter:Millie Vaughan born Dec 1899 in Mississippi,Beat 5 Panola

GrandSon:Warren Park Jan 12,1921 in Tennessee and died Dec 15,1983 in District 3 Lauder,Tennessee as well

GrandDaughter:Jessere Heal born March 1928 -Jan 23,2000 TN.

GranDDaughter:Irene Marie Heal born 1926 in Tennessee

Anne Irene Hill born Aug 12,1926 in Somerset,Kentucky and died Aug 5,2009 as well.

Izetta Marie Hill-Washington born 1928 in Tennessee and her spouse  name is William Nathaniel Hill as well.

I am Related to all of these people as well and get back with me 

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