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Hello good colleagues in GenealogyWise --
I would like to recommend that the "Gifts Received" box now on our pages be:
>> made optional so we can turn it off and remove it from our pages
>> make moveable so we can put it on a different part of our home page
>> moved by GenealogyWise itself to a different place, such as the right or left columns.

I know that Facebook has all sorts of gadgets and people do play with them -- but GenealogyWise is first and foremost [right?] for all of who love researching our families and ancestors. And helping others with their questions and searches. Having that Gifts Received box at the top of my page is distracting and feels silly in this context.

If you "junk up" GenealogyWise with irrelevant widgets and gadgets, you are going to lose good members who create content and help others. And encouraging people to spend real money on ticky tacky virtual gifts is hardly appropriate in this current economy.

Just give us an option to turn it off so it is not on our home page. PLEASE!!!

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Giving space to current birthdays also seems distracting. Seems like family sites and FB and other avenues are better for birthday notices.
Amen! I don't like that "gifts" deal at all! It's an "invasion" of my home page. I want it off, period! Thanks for posting this and I hope the majority of members will agree with you.
I would prefer to eliminate the gift option from my personal page. Some members may find it of use, but I find it distracting and not useful to my needs.
A thought about the gift feature. As I said, I don't care to have it on my page, but at the same time, I do not understand the concept. I see I have 100 credits but don't know what a credit represents, how do you earn credits, do I have to pay $ for them?, etc. I must admit I was just gifted by someone and it was a pleasure receiving it.
May I ask what kind of "gift" did you receive? I don't understand the concept either and could do without it as I said in a previous post.
I received a nice "virtual" bunch of flowers as a thank you gift. It seems there are several virtual style gifts and each has a designated number of credits, but there is no explanation of how you gain credits, or why, if they are there, you are asked to "purchase" them. I imagine I might use them if I understood the system, but it is just as easy to send a nice thank you message privately.
I agree. I would like the option to have it removed from my Home Page. I joined this site for genealogy reasons. I don't want to have to navigate through "games" to work on my research. I have moved it to the bottom of my page, but would like to be able to opt out and have it off.
I do understand that GenWise want to recoup some of their investment, and being able to sell 'gifts' to users, who then give them to others, is one way of doing this.

But if I were a recovering alcoholic, would I welcome a bottle of wine? What if someone sent me a chainsaw? Would I feel good if someone spent $1:50 to give me an image of a bunch of flowers? Sorry, no I would not.

So, I would like the opportunity to minimise this widget onto the bottom of a side bar if I am not to be allowed to delete it.



You do make excellent points. Unfortunately, this is not something we chose. Ning, the platform that we use for GenealogyWise adds apps that they think are part of improving their sites. They do not ask us if we would like to have these apps on our site.

So recently, they have added the status updates and the gift app. We have looked into removing the gift app but in order for us to remove it we have to remove it for all members-not just those who don't want it. There are members using this app. This is not an app we placed on the site to make money from.

GenealogyWise is for genealogy, but we are restricted to what Ning developes and places on our site.

Gena Philibert Ortega
Community Manager, GenealogyWise



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