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does any one have any information on the Tuam Home that was once in Tuam,  it was for unmarried mothers, mothers would have their babies there and to get any information on them after that is very hard, is there any one else who may have been born there or have someone who was born there, i am going back to 1939 & 1942 as i had two relations born there, would love to hear more on this home from other people, thanks.

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hi siobhan great to get a reply from you i ave been searching for a while coming up with nothing really my grandmothers name is the same as my mums my mum was fostered out at the age of five she had a terrible upbringing im sure she was not the only one thank you for the addresses and no will make time this week to check them out will let you no how i get on once again thank you hope you ave luck in your findings as well regards cathy
My mom was born there in 1937. We think she was there for 4 years then spent 1 year in a foster home before going to St. Joseph's Industrial School in Ballinasloe, were she stayed until she was 17 or 18. We did see a ledger at the Health Board in Galway documenting her birth there.



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