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Been trying to find my Fathers relations my grandparents history etc. My father was born in 1923 in Fredrishavn. he died there also in 1974. I only ever met him about 6 times as he divorced my mother when i was a young child. I have comfirmation of him being my father. His name is Johannes hartman jacobsen.They called his father Martin Gotfrd? jacobsen and his wife was called Clara or Klara Frande?.i did get in touch with my fathers sister in law and some cousins but they stopped getting in touch with me a whilst back i do not know y. Unless my Aunty Inja Jacobsen passed on. I really need to find some things out about my ancestery for my kids and grandkids and cannot get Danish records over here in the UK. if anyone can help it would be my dream. Johanna Dawn Bolland .re Jacobsen.

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Johanna,  I would like to help you find records for your father.  Do you have any more information?  I have looked at the parish registers for Fredrikshavn and I do not find him there.  I checked for birth records.  The death records are not yet available.  It sounds like you have some danish document that you can not read.  If you would send me a copy I would be glad to give it a try.  I was born in Denmark, many years ago,  I can read and speak some danish.  Good luck.  Finn

The only letter i have is a letter from the archives to tell me that he was my biological father and he passed away in 1974 in a hopital in Frederishavn.

Is my Fathers surname spelt as Jacobsen or Jakobsen.? thankyou.

Hi Finn have now put all the imformation on my wall. All i have now is some addresses in Denmark where my cousins lived about 10 years ago. Hvae written to these but no replies.perhaps they have moved house .I wondered if it was possible to get there forwarding addresses.?? thanks Jo.

thats fantastic ive tried to open it but it wont work. i would love to have a copy of this. all i know his birth and date of death.his father was called martin Gotried or gotfred and he was  married to Clara Klara frnde his father was a farmer and i think he was from Hobro?.He came over to England as he was a fisherman a cook i was told.Married my Mother but divorced when i was 3 years old. then went back to denmark in the early 1970s before he died . i have a photo of him and 1 of my grandfather. Could you possibly translate the birth certificate for me and email a copy. Regards and thanks Johanna.

Hej Johanna

The Danish National Archives (Statens Arkiver) are free on line at . You may be able to find information about your Danish relations there.

Best wishes

Graham Freeman

Göteborg, Sweden

thankyou tried this but to no avail as cant get it to open

Hej Johanna

Try this:

When you open the home page in the dialogue square open "Kirkeböger" under "


Under "Vælg amt" choose "Hjörring" and under "Vælg sogn" choose  "Fredrikshavn"

You then get a list of the records for different years for Fredrikshamn.

F = Birth, K = confirmation, .V = marriage and D = death.

Click on the appropriate record (1922 -1928, F)

You will probably get a security warning from Java om you want to open the application. Accept the risk and open.

You will get a page with "Opslag 1......." on the left hand side. Double click on the first "Opslag 1" and you get the records. Then you click on each "Opslag" once to get that page.

Hope this helps. Otherwise let me know and I´ll try some other way.

Best wishes


Göteborg, Sweden

Hi graham thanks for the copies have printed them off now but very faint lol. I will get my daughter to up date our family tree now and so please your daughter is called Johanna. I forgot to put my brother on here silly me he has my fathers name but his middle name is martin. Johannes martin Jacobsen and he was born on my Fathers birthday. he is 56 yrs old.

Hej Johanna

I seethat to get into the Danish National Archives "Daisy" system you have to be registered and get a password from the archives.

You can register here:



Göteborg, Sweden

Hi graham i cannot register as it is in danish and i can only speak English.thankyou.

Hej Johanna


Ny bruger = New user

Felter markeret med rødt skal udfyldes = Fields in red are compulsory

Personoplysninger = Personal information

Adgångskode = Password 

Mindst 4 tegn = at least 4 characters

Gentag adgangskod = Repeat password

Navn  = Name

Firma = Company (not necessary)

Adresse = Address

Postnr = Postal code

By = Town/City

Land = Country

Telefon = Telephone number.

That´s all the information you need to give to register. "Yderligere oplysningar" means "Further information" but is not compulsory.

If you can´t register I suggest you contact the Archives Support so that they can help you. Click on the little orange square on the right of the page. "Spørg Arkivaren" (Ask en archivist) to come to the dialogue field. There you fill in your name (Navn), E-mail address and your enquiry (Spørgsmål)

The archives have been scanned from the original and it can be difficult to read sometimes until you get used to it. If you find the names you´re looking for I´m sure you can get someone to help with translation.

I can help if you want but I´m better at Swedish, although I can understand Danish at a pinch.

Let me know if you want more help.

Best wishes


Göteborg, Sweden





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