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I am searching for the ancestors of my fourth great grandparents.  My great grandfather's name was Richard Thompson and he married Mary Moore on 03 March 1789 in Halifax County, Virginia.  We believe Richard was born about 1766 probably in Virginia, and Mary was born in Virginia  in 1772 to James Moore, Sr. and Mary Rice.  I also need to find her grandparents.  Please help if you can .

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I am a direct descendant of the Thompsons who emigrated to Maryland in the mid 1600's. I haven't done extensive research on this line but believe there were three Thompson families in the mid-Atlantic in that time period. Land records indicate show transfers between the Thompsons of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Thanks for the reply.  I am really hoping to hear from someone who can identify my fourth great grandfather's parents -- I have searched for these folks for a long time.  Richard Thompson's marriage to Mary Moore in Halifax County, VA in 1789 is the oldest date I can confirm.  I have traced them from Virginia down to Grainger County, TN and on to Jefferson County, TN and right on down to my Father.  However, Richard's ancestors remain a mystery.

I actually worked for a descendant of the Virginia Thompsons a while back.  I'm from James Shaw (1688-1718( and Margaret Thompson (1694-of Maryland who married Margaret Thompson (abt 1694-bef 1734) both of Prince George County, MD.  As I said, I haven't extensively researched the Thompson line or this early Shaw generation.  From what I do know, the plantation was located in the vicinity of Cheverly, MD and these Thompsons were associated with The Ark and The Dove, two ships carrying groups of Covenantors from England to America. Margaret's father is William Thompson and is the immigrant ancestor of this line.  I see trees stating that he is from Edinburgh but I have also seen records showing that he may have been from England.  I'm presently working on another line of my family (Turnpaugh/Dornbach ca 1736-1805) but plan to work on these early generations of Shaws and Thompsons next.  I hope this has helped you figure out your Virginia line.

I have searched the passenger lists for the Ark and the Dove and do not find a William Thompson.  William is a very popular name that has been used in almost every generation of my family back to the 1700's, so I would not be surprised to find a William was my ancestor to first set foot in America.  I have made no further progress, and hope that you will be able to help.  Thanks in advance.

Hi, Earleen, I remember seeing the reference to the Ark and the Dove and Beal's Covenantors with regard to the Maryland Thompson line back when I was working on my Thompsons/Shaws a couple of years ago.  I'll keep in touch with you as I get back into that line.

I have done a lot of work on the Rice line. A lot of them were in Tenessee. You can probably see my tree on ancestry. randyandsandysee.





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