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How about this to help out the programmers. There are many more options using the Ning platform, and the WVR programmers will never know which we prefer unless we ask.

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Dear Debbie,
This is the first I've seen of this posting. (My DearMYRTLE blog does not accept comments, as there have been too many problems with spam comments over the years.)

It is sad that the sudden addition of 10,000 members to GW has proved daunting. Heaven help GW if it grows even bigger.

I trust that all will come out in the wash.
The only problem with this 'did you not see' is that for those of us that do not know what is even going on in the whole thing as yet, is, that we stumble onto this page/s accidentally and start reading when we don't even know the meaning of some of these things. I am not a young person and don't consider myself an old person (although there are many that do, grin) I am a tad bit technically challenged. Not too much, but a tad. So please hang loose with us until we begin to understand what is going on. At the present, it seems so redundant and disorganized. Probably just me, but that is how I see things right now.
Pedigree chart that are easier for seniors to use..
Instead ex: where were you intead of born
I teach a class at a home with 80 years olds. The chart are hard for them to fill out
Usually I fill them out. There are also enlarged to 11x17, as all my docs are. Sept. I will be teaching 9 years
On FB, "tag a photo" means to label the people in a group photo. Here it means to label a picture so you can find it later. The ability to label individuals in a group photo is needed.
Tagging in a Ning social network is different than Facebook or MySpace; as far as I've seen tagging people in a photo is not a capability of Ning.

There is a caption/description box for each photo where you could identify people in the picture.
There is ALREADY the ability to alphabetize friends.

Go to MY PAGE.

Click to VIEW ALL friends.

In the upper right, change the "sort by" from the default "recently added" to "alphabetical".

Take care.
I wish there were a way we could report postings that appear to be little more than advertisments in the guise of messages, I wish there was a FAQ section with basic information about using the site, hmmmm, there was a third one, but now I can't remember what it was.

Thanks very much.

Carolyn Preston
Oh, now I remember. Alphabetize the Groups. That was it. :-) Thanks.

Carolyn Preston

Please feel free to report such issues by using the 'report an issue" link or you can email me at

We are working on a FAQ section and a Welcome Center to help our members. Additionally, we will be scheduling a chat that will give members an opportunity to ask questions. Also-please look for our newsletter which will come out this week, which will also include tips on using GW.
A usable search engine to find others searching that same surname or local. Also, when we get an email saying someone has posted to such and such and we hit the link button it will take us to the page ... plus highlight the post. Is this doable?
Well, first I would just like to say THANK YOU from this newly joined person. It is like the old days on Prodigy, only better.
Never have I seen the surname list-since. (AOL did not even compare)
I know you are new and will get around to most of what I would say-without my saying it. The search engine will be perfected. Dealing with that many subjects-would be the pits!
I jumped in with a bang-and posted two days straight. Hope it helps someone-and also me!

Thanks again, Ms. Gerry Hill-Albany Ga
I'm wondering if you could post the text of comments in our email the way it's done on facebook. Then we'd know immediately whether or not further involvement was required. Thx





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