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"The Nobilities of Europe", by the Marquis de Ruvigny (1909), p.141, has the following  -
"Henry Primrose, Major of Infantry [son of John Primrose, otherwise Primeroos, a merchant in Stockholm] having proved his descent, was ENNOBLED [Sweden no. 640] by Queen Christina 1653. He died s.p.m. 1669."

The word 'ennobled' is in capitals in the original. S.p.m. (sine prole masculo) means that Henry died without a male heir. 'Sweden no. 640' I take to refer to a register of nobles.

This website -
has a reference to a Hans Primeroos, a Scottish merchant in Stockholm, 1644, in which year he married one Kersten Eriksdotter, who died in 1648. Hans P. remarried, in 1650, Ingrid Larsdotter.
There is reference in the entry to arms (vapn), which may have been displayed on his house front.

I believe the surname 'Primros' is extant in Sweden.


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