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 Account of the Life and Character of Dr DRYSDALE From Drysdale's Sermons

published by Professor DALZEL J R

John Drysdale was born at Kirkaldy in the county of Fife on the 29th of April 1718 being the third son of the Rev Mr john Drysdale minister of Kirkaldy and of Anne Ferguson daughter of William Ferguson Esq provost or chief magistrate of the same town He received the elements of classical learning at the parish school under David Miller a man who had also the honor of instructing the celebrated Adam Smith and James Oswald of Dunikeir persons who have reflected so much luster on their country the one as a philosopher and VoL LV dagusl 1793 man of letters and the other as an eminent states man Under the same master were also rductifed Dr John Oswaid bishop of Raphoe in lreland and Dr George Kay one of the ministers of Edinburgh men likewise of considerable talents and accomplishments So that Miller had reason to boast that few individual masters of the most opulent and Celebrated schools had sent from their tulllon a greater number of eminent men than had been sent by him from the obscure school of Kirkaldy While at school John Drysdale greatly distinguished himself as a classical scholar.

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