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A major need in our "hobby" is getting children interested in their heritage. We are preparing a presentation to give at a 4-H Club and would like to point to some sources they can go to for more information. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should this topic be a group topic or is it okay under forums?

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hi Sally-

It depends on the age group you are working with, I'm not sure how old the 4-H club members are. I would show how the computer is used in doing genealogy, include how photographs are used. I would encourage new genealogists to source their work.

You might also include some information on how to interview their parents and grandparents?
Thank you, Kate. I like your idea about interviewing parents. We mention it but don't go into it very deeply. It is hard to decide what will keep their interest during the program. We want to use a lot of interaction:)

Is this a one time presentation? Is there a possibiltiy for a class on genealogy for these kids?
You could have them keep a journal to keep all their research/interviews? I would definitely teach them about searching online for free, like showing them Rootsweb, Family Search, FamilySearch Pilot Site, and my favorite starting point, Google. Also maybe show them that Facebook and Twitter are being used for genealogy as well. :)

Perhaps you could prepare a brief tree for a famous person? A president or an actor or singer? and show how the tree works, if you use a famous person, it may help keep their attention.
Hello, Kate. Again you have come up with some good ideas. This is a new presentation we are doing for our Society's Speakers Bureau. We would like to get it into the schools and local youth organizations with the hope that they will want to pursue it (and encourage their parents to as well). The first presentation will be to a 4-H group ages 8-18. The sites you mention are given as reference points already, but not Facebook or Twitter (I am fairly new at the social networking aspect--this is my first attempt at it). Part of the problem is length. There is so much to tell and not a lot of time. Attention spans are short--even with the older folks:) I will suggest to my hubby the possibility of using a well-known person.

Thanks again.

I noted the other day on a site for Devon, UK that they have a page for kids called "The Acorn Club". Surf the links there and maybe it'll give you some ideas.
Richie--Thank you for your suggestion. You have just given me my evening entertainment! It will be interesting to see what the links will lead to. Also, it will be interesting to see if genealogy research in the UK is very different from the USA:)

I teach genealogy to seniors at a home..I find they have trouble with the predigree chart. Take time to explain where you were born and married clearly.I used videos to talk about Ellis Island..I recommend the Golden Door.
Gayle. Thank you for the advice. The pedigree chart is a really important part of any presentation. We plan to have blank forms and pencils to give to the group and walk them through filling it out starting with themselves and through their parents. Hopefully, they will be able to go forward to their grandparents as well, but if not, it will give them something to back home and ask about. Is the Golden Door a book?

There are charts online who say grandparents , great-grandparent..I like the and I have changed the wording below ex..where did the lived, when were they born...make it complete. At least your kinds understand computers and the new voc. Ask them to bring in old family pics and name the people. Share with everyone. Let them share their grandparents stories. I like time lines I use Smithsonian mag. Mags help me find lessons
Dear Sally,

Here are some links which may or may not be useful for you:

The Tigger Movie - Family tree

Print off a choice of 3 colour templates and fill in the details

Family history activities for youth

“Summer of Sleuthing—Save Our Ancestors” (SOS) is a family summer activities program sponsored by the Family History Library to introduce families to the fun of family history. With a series of weekly challenges, families can participate in activities that will help them learn more about themselves and their ancestors.

CoKidsGenWeb Project

Make your own wordsearch

Oral History interviews questions and topics
a list of questions that may be used when interviewing an older member of the family

Sample questionanaire for family members
Thank you, Liz, for your suggestions. I will be checking them out and adding them to the list. I did look at the site Richie suggested and found it a very good example of what can be done to interest young people in genealogy.

I appreciate the suggestions.






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