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This includes information to online and/or offline resources pertaining to period data - Wills, Estate Inventories, Journal and Bible Records, Deeds, Bills of Sale, Indentures, Records of Manumission, etc.

As descendants of emancipated African-Americans, these materials are the key to uncovering our family lineage.

Thank you for your support.

Luckie Daniels

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Slaves of William Cage of Sumner County, TN--1811

To wife Elizabeth (Hale): "the three negroes I got with her, to wit, Zach, Ben and Elige."

To my daughter, Betsy: "a negro girl named Caroline"
To my daughter, Patsy: "a negro girl named Mahold"
To my son-in-law, Jack Carr: "a negro woman named Peg"
To my son, Loftain: "a negro man named Major"
To my son, Edward: "a negro girl named Mary"

To my son-in-law, Wiliam Hale: "my negroes Peter and Ead, during said Hale and his wife's life time, and at the death of said Hale and wife they are to go to Jesse Cage."

To my son, Richard: "a negro boy named Charly"
To my son, Albert: " a negro boy named Lewis"

To my sons Harry and Robert: "my negro boys, Tom and Clint at the discretion of my Executor."

To Nancy Cage, daughter of Reuben Cage: "the first child that Eads or Mary has, if any."

To Cyrus Hale, son of William Hale: "the second child that Eads or Mary may have."

If there should be any negroes remaining in the family at the division, that are not disposed of, they are to be given to my children that are the most needy, at the discretion of my Executor.

I constitute and appoint my sons, Wilson, Reuben and Jesse Cage my whole and sole Executors of this my last will and Testament.
Slaves of Wilson Cage of Sumner County TN--1847

To my beloved wife, Jane M. Cage: "...the following Negroes, to wit: Stephen and Lenoir his wife and his increase from this date, Also their boy Charles, about 12 years of age, and a Girl named Matilda."

To my son, Leroy H. Cage: "a Negro Boy named Grandison"
To my son, Poleman W. Cage: "a Negro Man named Fred and a Boy, Albert."

To my daughter, Pricilla Douglass: "a Negro woman named Milly."

To my daughter, Delia D. Bock (?): "a Negro woman Sarah and her child Susan."

To my daughter, Harriet Boyd: "a negro boy named Solomon"

To my son, Henry C. Cage: "a Negro man, Carroll, a girl Caroline which are now in his possession"

To my son, Gustavus Adolphus Williamson Cage: "two negro boys, Willis and Sam which are in his possession. I also give him a Negro man Hillary, a boy Allen and a boy Henry and a girl Corinne.

To my son, Wilson Cage: "the following Negroes to wit: a Negro man named Jacob, now in his possession, also Sidney, a Negro girl named mary, a boy William and a girl now in his possession named Harritt."

To my niece Fanny S. Cage: "a negro girl Frances"
Various wills of the Hansford Family of Culpepper County, Virginia, Orange County, Virginia, and Morgan County, Georgia. (The first will is of York County, Virginia, but there are no slaves listed in it)

Hope this helps someone's search. Many Blessings.



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