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Hi I'm a descendant of Philibena Dirr's brother in law Martin Shofner. Could you tell me how you're descended?

My line is:

Susie Helme (me)

Josephine Coleman Douglas

Josephine Hutton Douglas

Pierre Allen Colmean Hutton

Anna Belle Shofner

John Shofner + Isabella Catherine Beavers

Martin Shoffner + Catherine Cooke Roundtree

Michael Christian Shoffner + Margaretha Fogleman


Susie Helme


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Henry Shofner's dates are all wrong to have been a descendant of Michael Shoffner. Plus he was not mentioned in anybody's will.

He married a girl from Mecklenberg Co not Orange. Except for the ones who went to Bedford TN, all Michael Shoffner's offspring settled in Orange.



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