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When I started my search to fill out my family tree in the early 1970's I was told a cousin had followed the Steinburg line from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. through St. Joseph Island to Winchester and Cardinal Ontario. This I know happened. Before Winchester is the question. This cousin claimed to have gone from Winchester to the Pennslyvania Dutch settlement. While she passed away before I could talk to her I was able to have some discussions with her daughter who did some travelling with her. There has been dispute as to whether the family is Dutch or German. Some members searching the tree believe the line goes through to the Peter Styvasant Dutch settlement in New Amsterdam (New York). While I have found possible links there I have yet to find any supporting links in Pennslyvania. I don't think that a connection here would have come up if there wasn't any. Since I have started I have tried several times to find a connection and if there is a link I'm hoping this group may give me some kind of lead as to how to find it. The oldest verifyable Grandparent in Canada was William Van Steinburgh born in 1816 in Winchester. While I have found death and marriage records for him I haven't found a birth or baptismal record. I would appreciate any assistance this group could give.

Thanks Ken

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From what I have traced we are Dutch
Thomas Steinburg was father of William Steinburg 

Thomas was born to Hendrik Van Steinburg/Annatje Cheever(spelled that way in record)

this is a U.S. Dutch reformed church record



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