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In the early 1970's I started exploring my family history. I talked with Aunts who were in their 80s and 90s at the time. I was able to get back to my 2nd great grandfather William Van Steinburgh. He is buried in the Morewood, Ontario Cemetary and the only member of the family buried there. I  have found a death record and a marriage record and near as I can find He was born in Winchester, Ontario in 1816. None of the records show his parents. There is a split between records showing a Dutch and a German descent. Most current members of the family beleive Thomas Van Steinburg and Mary Polley Shirley from the New York area were his parents but no one has found any documents to verify it. When I started searching in the early 70's i was told a cousin had travelled extensively and visited the Winchester, Ontario area and claims to have found a trail to the Pennslyvania Dutch, and claims to have gone back 600 years. She didn't write anything down, what I learned was from talking to her daughter as she passed away 2 years before I started my search. I spent a week in the Winchester area without any luck and have been searching the net numerous times over the years and haven't been able to find any connection in the Pennslyvania area. Are there any suggestions as to what direction I might take to find any connection? I would appreciate any help I could get as this has been a dead end as far as any verified trail that has stumped any of the family researchers I have connected with in my searches over the years.

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