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Hi Everyone

I’m new to this forum and I’m sure to you all that this is a stupid question.

I have RM6 installed on my PC at home; also I transferred my tree to a pen drive with RM To-Go, which I take to my local research place.

So I have the same details on both, now what I do when I find relevant information, I write it down on a notebook, and when I get home transfer my writings on to my RM6 on my PC, which is I’m sure you will agree double work, where I could just input it as I get it on my pen drive.

The thing is I don’t know how to save it once I have added details to my drive, then put the pen drive in my PC and transfer the new details, as when I stick the drive in my PC I seem to have lost the details that I added, and the pen drive shows the same details that I left with in the morning, so I’m losing lots of work.

Once I put the details from my notes on RM6 on my PC, when I next go out researching I have to delete the RM6 to go then re-install it again with the new information.

I’m clearly missing something in this programme and going a long way for a shortcut, why does RM6 not just have a save as and then pick what drive you want to save it to.

Hope someone can help me with this, as it has been annoying me for a couple of years now.

Kind Regards


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Have you tried contacting RootsMagic support. They can assist you. Here's the support options:


Hi Gena

Yes I tried them, but still could not figure it out, so gave up after 18 months or so.





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