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I was a Family Tree Maker user for ages, but I stopped upgrading around version 8 or so. Having switched to the Mac in 2006, I've finally upgraded to a Mac-native software package (MacFamilyTree) instead of running FTM in a virtual machine.

One thing I miss from FTM is the "relationship calculator" where you can select two individuals and the software will display how they are related (14th great grandfather, 2nd cousins once removed, etc). Is there a Mac program (preferably free) that will provide the same functionality using data from a GEDCOM file?

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Reunion for Mac calculates relationships, but it's not free, and isn't a stand alone program - it's another brand of all-encompassing genealogy software (which I LOVE, by the way).
I agree Reunion calculates relationships - I also thing this is an excellent genealogy program.





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