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What do you believe to be the best color laser printer on the market for genealogy work? One capable of printing a report, small books, photos, maps, etc?  My printer may die soon- so I am starting to look around.



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I have a Brother HL-4040CDN and am very happy with it. This is a duplex printer. I have only had it a few months but did a lot of research before purchasing it. It is office size and weight, but reasonably priced on sale. The quality of the color printing is very good. I have not tried printing photos. Good luck. Lento
I too am looking for a laser printer. Quality is so much better than inkjet. Also, the laser ink goes a lot farther then inkjet cartridges. It doesn't fade as fast either.

Your question depends on how much you wish to spend,whether you want All-In-One features, how many copies you make per month, and do you want a color or black printer. Should also compare ink cartridge cost for each model before making your decision. You might find a printer that is priced right, just to find afterward that ink refills for your unit are far more costly other models. Think long term cost.

I am considering 2 models:

1. Brother MFC-9120CN Digital Color All-In-One Printer Listed for $449.99, but on sale at Office Max for $399.99
A couple of different people have told me this is a great performing printer.

2. Samsung CLX-3175FN Color Laser All-In-One. Not sure of the list price. The office max price is $399.99

The print toner is cheaper for the Samsung. There are typically 2 sizes of toner. The larger size last about twice as long and is the better buy.

There is also an HP Laser that is comperable to these All-In-One Color Laser printers. All three are good,but I am mad at HP right now and probably won't be tempted by what they are offering. I haven't checked, but i wouldn't be surprised if the printer toner for the HP is more than both of the above. But check it out if these are in the ball park of what you are looking for.

Also, I didn't see any mention of automatic 2 sided copying. I won't buy a printer unless it offers 2 sided copying. Sometimes it requires an optional upgrade and sometimes not. Genealogist print a lot, 2 sided is a must to cut your paper cost almost in half.

Also, I didn't see any mention of automatic 2 sided copying. I won't buy a printer unless it offers 2 sided copying.
End Quote.

Wait, two sided copying!?! Is that different from duplexing? My next printer IS going to have a duplexing feature, I am checking that as well. Do printers offer two-sided copying, or is that just for copiers?


A duplex printer is 2 sided copying. It is one of my favorite features. My Brother is exclusively a printer--no scanning or faxing. It came with full toner cartridges which was a plus. The downside for me is that it is big and heavy. It has good paper capacity and I have yet to have a paper jam.





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