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Plantagenet Ancestry and Magna Carta Ancestry - 2nd Editions by Douglas Richardson to be released in February 2010

Douglas Richardson's revised editions of his popular books, Plantagenet Ancestry and Magna Carta Ancestry, are to be released in February 2010 according to this newsletter:

It seems like he added quite a bit of new content: Plantagenet Ancestry is now 3 volumes of about 2200 pages and Magna Carta Ancestry is now 4 volumes of about 2450 pages. Both were only 1 volume each in their first editions.

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Thank you for that link to the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne newsletter. What a fascinating organisation!

Charlemagne, Emperor Of The West and King Of Franks, had about 10 wives and/or mistresses, and innumerable offspring, so there must be millions of descendants. My database relationship calculator cannot cope with the generation spread, so I have not worked out if I am one of them.



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