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When trying to add photos, drag and drop doesn't work for me. Is there some other way I can upload photos?

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Did you try this:

To upload a photo go to My Page, scroll down to My Photos and click on Add photos. Click on the Click to Add Photos link in the middle of the screen. A box will open showing files from your computer. Browse to where your photos are saved, select the photo(s) you want to upload and click open. The photo(s) will then be added to a list showing the file name and size. If you want to add more photos you can click on the Add More button. When you have selected the photo(s) you want to upload click on the Upload button. After the photo(s) upload it will give you the option of creating an album for the photo(s) you uploaded, or choosing an existing album. If you would like to keep certain photos together in an album, fill out the form with the desired information or choose an album that you have already created. You can also add a title, description, and tags for the photo(s) by clicking Add more details for these photos. When you are finished click on the Save button. If you don't want to create an album you can click on one of the links just below the main menu bar to look at your photos. GenealogyWise supports photos in the .jpg, .gif, and .png file formats. Individual photos can be up to 10MB in size and you can add up to 100 photos.

Deleting To delete a photo go to My Page, scroll down to My Photos and click on View All. A page will come up with your photo(s). Click on the one you wish to delete. Below the photo on the right hand side there is a list of different actions you can perform. Click onDelete Photo, and then Ok and the photo will be removed from the site.

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