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The idea of this thread is that we share non-genealogy sites and apps that we have found helpful for genealogy purposes.  For example, many people, myself included, use Facebook to aid us in our search for living family members.

I'll start.

I recently started using the app Zite.  On Zite, you enter your interests.  I entered genealogy as one of mine.   You could even be more specific by naming place names where your ancestors lived or by listing medieval jobs as topics.  The app searches thousands of magazines and newspapers for articles about your interests.   They deliver your articles daily.

I just started two weeks ago and have already read a couple of articles about genealogy in general.

I have also started using a site called   They have a smaller stock than Amazon or B&N, but they have a good search engine.   If you are looking for books about history, this is one site you'll want to check out.   The site has a mechanism in which you can ask to be notified when books that may be of interest to you come in.

That's all I have right now.

Who's going to share next?

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I use Google Books and alot in my research. There's lots of old genealogy and state history books on there. Also, has a bunch of records from the natl archives.

I have also been using evernote for storing my research.  One really nice thing is that FAG will sent a link directly to your notes, so you don't have to copy and paste the page you want.

I have used (I have a paid membership) to locate someone near a cemetery and then asked them if they would mind taking pictures for someone. It worked out well. The fellow I contacted had no problem with the request and said he may even be releated to the lady asking for the pictures. So 2 birds with one stone :)

Nice Al!  I'm not familiar with the site, but will check it out.

I like using Pinterest. It may not the best website for genealogy, but it was more helpful than I thought it would be. I have found articles on there, creative ideas on there, and even info on ancestors. There are also a plethora of genealogy boards with links to reference sites, resources (including free), blogs and historical websites that may help you along your genealogy journey.

God bless you, Chris, and I hope you are having a great day.




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