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Just got my mtDNA last week and am trying to understand it all.  The furthest back I could go with my mother's mother's mother, etc., was to a Native American woman in Washington State,

So it was quite a surprise to see so many Spanish/Mexican-sounding names.

I am said to be C1b and there was just one match for that - but many matches for just C.  I cannot say that I understand much of this yet!  The one C1b has Mexican/Spanish roots.  The one thing that might make sense for me is that the Spanish were here in the Pacific Northwest in the 1700s.  So perhaps one of those sea-faring captains brought along some women they acquired in the Mexico area along the way, left them in Washington State, where they became the ancestress of many subsequent generations?

I was adopted and know nothing about my birth father, but I guess none of this will help me with that.  I do know of some grandfathers and great-grandfathers etc. from France and England.

I had both the Family Finder and the mtDNAFull Sequence tests one.

Anyone else a C1b match with Pacific Northwest Native American roots?

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I clicked on your name and was brought to your posting so it did indeed show up.  I was classified as a B2B so I am Spanish but I am supposed to have Native American in me also on my mothers side and I'm guessing it stems from way back before the family arrived at Spain.  I had my test performed via National Geographic Geno project and it can be confusing.  I didn't know much about my fathers side of the family but I was able to trace them back to England via Family  Good luck to you in your endeavors! 

Many thanks for your prompt reply, Diane!  Guess I misunderstood and thought you were C1b also.  Sure is interesting, isn't it!  I thought that National Geographic project did look interesting too.



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