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Expecting the majority to be interested as the New FamilySearch nears its final rollout, let's first learn about its changes. Since it is such a huge resource, related groups and forums will focus on more specific features.

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The new online manual for (all 208 pages, including a number of blanks) shows a May 2009 date. Appendix H summarizes what’s new as of May 2009. In reverse chronological order it also mentions major changes in the 7 previous releases. In February the New Family Search (NFS), for instance, announced the addition of 250,000 records for deceased LDS members; these were formerly available in both the FHL and the Church History Library (the new facility is now open to the public on the block to the northeast of Temple Square). Fortunately, an onlineWhat’s New Quick Start Guide provides updates.

For faithful LDS members, the long-awaited HURRAH for New FamilySearch is for their ability to prepare ancestral names for LDS temples without visiting a Family History Center and without using paper or diskettes or CD-ROM. [The implications of that to FHCs and to LDS members will be a future discussion.] The process of preparing temple names has also been simplified from about 15 steps to as few as 5. The duplication of searching, researching and eventual temple work has long been a terrible challenge for the Church as it expands. The ills of duplication were the last mention of genealogy made by the beloved LDS leader Gordon B. Hinckley. Collaboration is the crux of the matter. In decades past, with tools such as the “T.I.B.” and Family Registry, no solution was found. Perhaps all future genealogists will less selfish, less guarded about sharing the harvest of their hard work.
Just a reminder that you HAVE TO BE A MEMBER of the LDS Church to use this service. You cannot search if you are a gentile.
Yes, they are still in some sort of beta test.
In the meantime, for actual research, feel free to search well over 500 million new names on their Pilot site at

These are the coming from FamilySearch Indexing, have nothing to do with the IGI or temples, and have no fee attached. Many have the actual image - the original document- attached.
This is revolutionary!





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