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I started with just one, and the list kept on growing, here is my list of Mayflower Ancestors:

8 G Grandfathers: Edward Doty, Myles Standish
9 G Grandmother Remember (Allerton) Maverick
9 G Grandfatherrs: Peter Brown, Francis Eaton, George Soule
10 G Grandfathers: Isaac Allerton,
10 G Grandmother: Mary (Norris) Allerton
10 G Uncles: Bartholomew Allerton, Edward, Winslow, Gilber Winslow,
Edward Fuller, Samuel Fuller
10 G Aunt: Mary (Allerton) Cushman
Half 9 G Uncle: Samuel Eaton

and last but not least:

1C11R: Samuel Fuller

I also have 13 non-blood related people that came over on the Mayflower, too (Thanks to my list created in Reunion) But we won’t go there...

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We only share the Soule line. I am an Alden and Howland. These three I have proved. I submitted a Billington line but I lack the vital records to make the connection.

I liked listening to Paul Bumpus talk about how he is a descendant on both his mother and father's sides. Mine are all maternal and I think that I have no more to uncover.
Hello - Moments ago I joined the Pilgrim Era Discussion group. My 11th great grandparents were on the Mayflower - Edward Fuller and his wife, whose name is unknown. I am descended through their son, Matthew, who came years later. Samuel Fuller who was also on the Mayflower was Edward's brother and an ancestral uncle to me. Quite a few grandchildren and great grandchildren of Mayflower passengers married into my family in the 1600's and 1700's. Peregrine White, the first English child born in the New World aboard the Mayflower while in Cape Cod Bay also married into my family. He was an ancestral uncle by marriage to me. Another ancestor, William Basset, followed shortly after the Mayflower aboard the ship Fortune, arriving in Plymouth Colony in 1621. Several of my ancestors were also co-founders of towns in Rhode Island and Connecticut. This era in this area is something I am very much interested in, and I would like to hear from others with the same interest.
Cheryl Gross
Cheryl, I am also very interested in this era in New England. I have so many on my paternal side that came in the ships after the Mayflower. The Mary and John, ect... they are all from my great grandma Davis's line who was a Wilcox before marriage and they helped co-found towns and churches in Connecticut and Rhode Island. I'm list some of the surnames but I'm sure I'll be leaving some out : Wilcox, Bushnell, Hull, Buell, Gray, Spencer, Stevens, Wellman, Gaylord, Kelsey, Westcott, Hubble, Cruttenden, Griswold, Allgar, White, Gallop, Lettice. Meigs.........
John Howland, Elizabeth Tilley and her parents John Tilley and Joan Hurst, Isaac Allerton, his wife Mary Norris, and his daughter Remember Allerton, Myles Standish and his wife Rose, James Chilton, Ned Doty, George Soule. Also have Rev. John Robinson (pastor to the Pilgrims in England and Leyden, Holland) as an ancestor, through his son Isaac.
We share a few Mayflower lines: The Allertons, (I too go through Remember and Moses Maverick's line), George Soule, and Myles Standish. Since I have Barbara Standish as my ancestral grandmother, could you fill me in on Rose's children? Also, how is your Ned Doty connected to the Mayflower?
Oops, Barbara is my great grandmother, too, and I don't think Rose had any children. Ned Doty, (Edward Doty) was a passenger, and he married Faith Clark on 6 Jan 1634/5 in Plymouth and had nine children. He was servant of Stephen Hopkins on board, but did sign the compact and fought a duel (naughty naughty) within a few months of his arrival in Plymouth. He was also in court for fighting, debt, etc. The naughty Pilgrims left lots of records for us to find. I know that at Mayflower Society Meetings the Billington descendants seem to be having the most fun!
Hi Heather, We are VERY distant cousins!
Congrats on the Mayflower Society, Ana.
You may be taking a break in looking for more of them, but, THEY may just find you :)
Hi, my only Mayflower ancestor is Ffrancis Cooke.
I have proven 2 lines to Geore Soule, 1 to Richard Warren, 1 to Francis Cooke. Also related to the Westons, Doty's Jones, Barrows, Beckets, Churchhills, Trips of Rhode Island, Bonum, Simmons, Bardon, Packards, Littles and others. I have submited our Wright family DNA to the Mayflower Society and recieved much help from Muriel Cushing and Susan Rosner.

Relatively Yours

Gerald Hayes
Hello... I just joined the tonight and finally I can hopefully communicate with other Mayflower passenger decendents. Sure hope I can meet others who have same

Stephen Hopkins ~ 10th GGrandfather
Elizabeth Fisher Hopkins ~ 10th GGrandmother
John Howland ~ 10th GGrandfather
Richard Warren ~ 10th GGrandfather
John Tilley 11th GGrandfather
Joan Hurst Tilley ~ 11th GGrandmother
Elizabeth Tilley ~ 10th GGrandmother
George Soule ~ 10th GGrand Uncle

This is really exciting for me and please let me know if you too are related to above Mayflower passengers.. thank you so very much.
Molly Carson
John Howland - 10th GGrandfather
Elizabeth Tilley - 10th GGrandmother
John Tilley - 11th GGrandmother
Joan Hurst Tilley - 11th GGrandmother



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