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I just saw an ad for the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner. I didn't know they even had mobile scanners. I must have one, but after searching around a bit found that many types of mobile scanners exist. Does anyone have any experience using a mobile scanner to preserve pictures? Any reviews on specific ones you can discuss? I appreciate it very much!

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The best review is at this link:

A webinar that was held last spring. The best example I saw on it . I received mine this week but I did not unpack it yet.

I have a Flip-Pal.  It's really great for smaller pictures, I take that with me if someone is letting me go through a photo album. I prefer my Canon LiDE 110 for larger photo's or articles and documents etc. It is powered by USB so I just take it with me in my laptop case. It's full size so it's about the same size as the laptop, but it's easy enough and light enough to take with me.  I think it's all about preference and what you'll need it for.  You can use the flip-pal for larger images then piece them together on the computer, but for me that's more work then I need and doing it all in one scan makes it faster.  I'm in Canada so it cost a bit with shipping, and the wait time for delivery from the US was a couple weeks. I got the Canon Scanner for about $60 CDN at Staples (Business Depot) down the street from me.  Aside from the size in comparison to the Flip-Pal it works really well.  There are others out there that are USB powered as well, you don't need to plug them into an outlet so they are "mobile" if you have a computer with you. If that helps!  Good luck!



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