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What software, if any, do you use to keep your genealogy research journal?

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I use a printed Research Log when I am researching.
I use Reunion 9 as well.
I use Reunion 9 now and like Andrea, still in the precess of converting from FTM. What is confusing for me is getting all my scanned documents and photos so I can access them on the Mac. Which would make sourcing sooooo much easier, what with not having to retype all the information. I do not use any software for keeping journal notes. What I did was setup family files on Pages where I keep most of my notes per family. Probably not the best, but it helps me at the moment.
No journaling software. Use Reunion 9 and write relevant info in the "notes" space for each person.
I just bought a MacBook and just started using Reunion. I use Legacy on my PC laptop and desktop.
I use iFamily for my database, and they have both a Notes and a Story tab that can be used for journaling, though of course the entries would be attached to individuals, and not be a chronological journal.
What is a research journal? What sorts of things do people write in a research journal?
Hi, Dale.

A research journal can take many forms: paper in a three-ring-binder, a note pad, bound books, and computer files. People record in their research journals what they're researching, where they've looked and how, the results (even if you find nothing it's a result worth noting), and ideas for future research.


Dale Emery said:
What is a research journal? What sorts of things do people write in a research journal?
I use Tables in Word. I can then sort by name, date, plate or event. It works for me.
I keep my database with MacFamilyTree and I'll leave notes to myself there, or in random to-do programs. I use Caboodle as my catchall. I'm very impressed with Journler although the developer has said he wants to hand support over to someone else as he pursues his education.

It would be great if one of the file collectors would be a standout -- like Yojimbo, EagleFiler, myDocuments, RecordsMaster, etc. One of the big hangups on those programs is they may do one thing great, but they fall down somewhere else. For example, not many of them recognized GEDCOMs as text files and refuse to display them.
I've been using a Blog as a research journal and also to reconstruct old journal notes. It's not the best, but I have access to it wherever there is an Internet connection. I converted my file from Legacy to Reunion a couple years ago and I'm still cleaning up the database and extracting the "To-Do's" from Legacy into the Research Notes in Reunion. After they are cleaned up, I'll move them to the Blog.
I use the 'logs' feature in Reunion. I have an iPhone, so the Reunion app for the iPhone goes with me. My logs feature of Reunion has "To Do's", library books to research organized by the library, and surname 'issues', such as brick walls or addition information. Hence, probably no need for a research journal at this time.





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