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this is my fist visit in this forum so I hope that's OK to post a question. I have been working with Swedish genealogy during 20 years but have very little knowledge about genealogy in US.


I am searching information about three realitves to me (se below).
They emigrated from Sweden to US between 1881 and 1885.
I can't found any information about them in CasteGardens database.

I hope someone can give any information about where I can go on with my research.
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards / Ingvar


Amanda Chalotta Nilsson born 1856-03-07 in Båstad, Sweden
Profession: Sewer
Parish ChurchBook: Emigrated to Amerika 1881-05-01 (age 25)
Database Emigration Popular: Registry date 1881-05-05, Departure Port: Malmö

Janne Gustraf Nilsson born 1861-08-01 in Båstad Sweden
Profession: Seaman
Parish ChurchBook: Emigrated to Amerika 1883-11-03 (age 22)
Database Emigration Popular: No post found

Nils Isak Nilsson born 1864-01-23 in Båstad, Sweden
Profession: Worker
Parish ChurchBook: Emigrated to Amerika 1885-10-14 (age 21)
Database Emihamn: Registry date 1881-10-23, Departure Port: Malmö, Destination St Louis
Database Goteborg Passenger Lists: Ship Rollo, Destination Hull England

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