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My family is this area would be the following surnames: Jones, Hoskins, Smith, Ream

Any connections out there? The Jones, Hoskins, and Smith families were in Fairfield and Pleasant Plain. The Smiths and Reams were in the Chequest and Pittsburg area.

The Smiths came from Maine; the Reams from Pennsylvania via Ohio; the Joneses from North Carolina via Tennessee and Indiana; and the Hoskinses from Pennsylvania via North Carolina and Ohio.

And yes, my Hoskins and Jones families were Quakers.


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No specific connections that I can see, but my family (GUESS and PATTERSON) were also in Van Buren County, beginning around 1840, which I think fits with the National Road.
My father,Harold H Hoskins, was born in Fairfield,IA as was my grandfather, Omar N. I believe my family history is much like you discribed. Including the Quaker connection. My grandfather had a funeral home in Brighton in the 50's. Then retired in Fairfield working part time for the funeral home there for years. My father and his sister, Darlene, both grads of Parsons college.
Was Omar N. the son of Henry and grandson of Ellis and Ruth (Jones)? I have Omar in my family tree program but no descendants listed yet. My Hoskins line is from Ellis' half-sister Elizabeth. My Jones line is from Ruth's brother Riley. So, this would make us 4th cousins (twice) if I have the right Omar.
I am not aware of another Omar. I am impressed that you could establish the 4th cousin twice! We have so few contact in the Fairfield area since my closest relatives are gone. I know there are several Toms. Have not had contact with any of them over the years:( It would be interesting to learn more about the Hoskins linage. Thanks for your response. tom
In these Hoskins and Jones families there were 3 sets of siblings that married. I don't know any of my (our) relatives still in the Fairfield area.

Ellis Hoskins is the son of Moses Hoskins (1790-1848) and Elizabeth Hoggatt (1795-1822). Elizabeth Hoskins is Moses' first child by his second wife Catharine Clark (1794-1881). Moses and Catharine are buried at the Friends Burial Ground in Pleasant Plain. (I stopped in there in 2003, so I have photos of some of the headstones there.) This Moses is the son of Moses (1763-1839) and Ruth Hodgson (1761-1829).

I was not aware that the three siblings married. Interesting. I also visited the Pleasant Plain cemetary about the same time as you. Goldmind of relatives. Thanks again.
Tom - I just left Gina a message, I have a number of your rellies pictures on one of my websites. Go to and choose surnames H then Hoskins. I have photos of Omar, Moses, the funeral home, etc. Boots "Hoskins" Woodins research notebooks and files were donated to my library. Lots O Stuff here on the family.
Thanks for the lead...I look forward to visiting the site. I did have the pleasure of corresponding with Boots prior to her death. She was a treasure. Thank you, again!
I took a quick look, but didn't find your letters yet. Boots kept all correspondance, but I still have a dozen banker boxes to go through and sort from their papers. I'll be needing a third filing cabinet soon for just the Hoskin/Woodin papers.
You and Tom might be interested in the photos I have on one of my websites just follow the surname letters and then Hoskins. I have Boots (Hoskins) Woodins research papers in my library and have posted some of the photos from the files (about 60 note books and hundreds of file folders). These aren't all Hoskins, some are Woodin, Marks, Jones, Ellis, etc. as Boots' husband "The General" was also a researcher. Omar is in the pictures, as is Moses and wife, the funeral home in Fairfield. You can save the pics to file or even print them out (hover in the corner for the print icon to appear). Enjoy.
Thank you! Now I can put faces to some more of the people in my great-grandma's diary.





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