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My copy of VMWare Fusion has stopped working. It simply freezes with a black screen when I restore a session.

There are only two applications I want/need to run under Windows, but would like to get the problem resolved. (And yes, I've been to VMWare's support site and talked with support once.)

Any ideas or (reasonable) suggestions?

- George

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1 thing I found goggling around is a suggestion to Repair Permissions on your (Mac) hard drive - you can do this from Applications ------> Utlities ------> Disk Utility, then select your hard drive on the left and click Repair Permissions button at bottom.

I also see a suggestion to restart the Mac.

Also, I just fired up my copy to see if I could find out in Help if it was possible to somehow start up but not restore a session, and got offered an update to VMWare Fusion 2.0.5. So perhaps if you're not running that, download that and install it first and see if that makes a difference.

Roger, the repair permissions didn't help at all. It was when I installed 2.0.5 that the freezes started. I'm ready to call it quits. I've already ordered, installed, and converted to Reunions 9. (I miss RootsMagic!)

I'm not having any problems as such with Fusion, but wanted to let you know that when I moved over to Mac I continued to use Legacy (which I loved), but running Fusion everytime I wanted to look something up in Legacy became a real bind and I hated having to run Vista just to access my data for a few minuets. I moved over to Reunion and have grown to love it. I know it is missing some great features from the other PC based apps but I'm sure v10 will put a lot of that right. Stick with it, it is a great app and is rock solid.


There is a feature on the Mac called "Zapping the PRAM". Shut down your Mac, then hold down the following four keys, Command, Option, Letter R, Letter P, then hit the start up button on your Mac. Let they Mac restart five times, then let go of the keys and you Mac will boot up. Good Luck!

You may wish to consider switching to Sun's VirtualBox. It's free and works fine, at least for me. I use it to run both PAF and RootsMagic under Windows XP, soon to be Windows 7. One small thing: Can't drag and drop from one OS to the other; must use shared folder.


I installed this software, and tried to start it. Message displayed was "No bootable medium detexted. System halted." What next?

Very sorry to have taken so long to reply. I hope you haven't given up on VirtualBox. Let's start from the beginning.

- I assume you downloaded the DMG and installation proceeded normally. I have the app sitting at the top of the Apps folder. I tried putting it in a subordinate folder, but it wouldn't run from there. It will also run from the desktop or from the dock.

- The next step is to start the program. Is this where you received "No bootable medium..."? If not, the next thing to do is click the "New" icon at upper left. This will start the New Virtual Machine Wizard.

- The wizard guides you through naming the VM, giving the type of operating system you will be installing, the amount of RAM it will be able to use, the hard disk space it will have, and, absolutely essential, telling VirtualBox where your CD/DVD drive is. You do this by putting the first (presumably Windows) install disk into the drive, then go to VirtualBox "Settings" for your new VM and select "Host Drive" with the correct drive letter in the CD/DVD-ROM section. You should then be able to proceed with the guest OS installation. Did you do all of this and try to start the Windows VM and then got "No bootable medium..."?

I had to go through this several times, creating and destroying VMs, until I got it right. It's one of those cases where the user manual must be followed exactly.

Let me know exactly where the app halted and we'll go from there. By the way, once the VM is running in its own window, you can kill VirtualBox. I do that routinely.

Regards and good luck






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