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Welcome ! Did your husband test DNA ? My 2nd great-grandfather was Henry John Lloyd, B: MAY 1849, Virginia, D: 1929, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I have tested on Ancestry. His beginnings are a brick wall.


Welcome, Janet. Glad you are able to research again.

I live in Dublin, Ireland. I have been researching for near 14 years. I would like to help others and find hidden treasures.

This is my website

Hello everyone,

My name is Jenny and I am happy to join the Genealogy Wise community.  I am a historian specializing in late-Imperial Russia/early Soviet history. Much of my academic writing centers around female terrorism, military service, secret police. I am fascinated by times of transition in history such as going from an absolute monarch in Russia to a communist regime. I have done genealogical research for about 23 years now. I love all history and genealogical research but what I am currently focused on are Germans in Russia (especially during World War I),  southern Appalachian colonial history, and early Canadian history. 

My family on most branches have lived in the United States for almost four hundred years both in the north and in the south. Many of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary and in the American Civil War. I find it interesting that in all that time spent in the world's modern melting pot, my DNA comes from a very small part of the world. I am from Scandinavia and the isle of Briton. 

Currently, I work on a podcast that combines historical and genealogical research. If you are interested you can check it out at

Welcome, Jenny.  I think Russian history is fascinating, also.





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