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Hi Everyone,

I haven't been on for quite a while... My Line is DICKERSON, Samuel


Gena, pls contact me again, I misplaced all of golden information you shared with me...


Warm  Regard,s



Hi Belinda,


I bet we have the same Samuel Dickerson.  Ours is also from IN, OH.  Married 4x's his second Wife is our GGG GM Elizabeth BARNETT Dickerson m. 1830, Johnson Co, IN.  They had 9 children and our GG GF is Franklin.

Would love to share with you...

Kennette DICKERSON Klees



Hi Belinda,


Have no information on our Samuel's Parents nor Siblings, he is sooo elusive!

I do know he was married 4x's - Elizabeth BARNETT our GGG GM.  They had 9 children

1.  Sarah Rakestraw - 1826, Elizabeth Barnett - 1830, Lydia O'Neal (O'Neil) - 1850, Marylin Mandlin -1856.





Hi Cousin,

So happy to meet you!  My Name is Kennette DICKERSON Klees my Daddy (ooops Southern coming out) is from NW MO - Spickard, Trenton, MO. 

Feel free to contact me on KennetteKlees@kady11...

Thank You sooo much Belinda(\0/)




Hello Everyone :O)

Cal gal here. A mom of two adults and grandmother of three beautiful girls. My interest is nearly as old as I am, but my true research did not begin until 2008. I was actually amazed at how much information l had stored in my own brain of our family history.

My materal grandmother, Pauline Marie Braswell, was one of ten children. Nine of them lived to adulthood. I knew all of them and their spouses and most of their children. My mother's side was easy, for I had grown up my entire life surrounded by them.

My father's side, the Samuel line, not so much. Even though my father knew me as an infant, I didn't meet him until l was 16 in 1976. It wasn't until 1994 that l was actually able to build a relationship with him and my paternal grandmother,  Helen Porter.

In 2008 is when I was given family history and the journey began. It started out to just be something to give my children and grandchildren a past, but it has turned into a passion and has been rewarding beyond my wildest imagination.

I remember the day so well that my search led me to the a family named Ball. It had been years since l had studied early American History and had no idea that I was tickling with a family line of such importance. Once I confirmed that I was actually related to the family of our nations first president... I looked around as though the secert service was going to pop out! I felt so silly, but then proud. So yes, good old George's great aunt Hannah married a Meeker and down the line it goes about 12 or 13 times before it reaches the likes of me.

I have joined here to give my journey a voice. I have wanted to blog and finally realized it was genealogy that I needed to talk about. The stories, the people that I have met along my paths to the past...

Patti, I know what you mean, I spent many years with a birthdate for my Granddad as 5 July 1904 when Infact I found he was born 5 July 1905, but I finally got his BC and found out who his parents were, I knew he was named after his Father Charles Ralph, but I really wanted his Mother's Name Louisa Moate, turns out she was married to a George Albert Moate and Charles Ralph was her 2nd hubby. She is Louisa Elliott and her Dad is Allington Elliott and his on Google as he was in a CRIMINAL COURT, I love family stories, I am writing all mine down in my Family History.

 You take care


My name is Melissa Scarberry Tackett.  I have been researching my family tree since 2009.  The surnames I am interested in are Anselmi, Edwards, Scott, Slater, Fletcher, Alley, Scarberry, Maynard, Hatfield, McCoy, Altice.  At the moment I am focusing more on my mother's side of the family the Anselmi.

As a matter of fact, the Hatfield who presided over the "pig trail"  is  a   fourth great grandfather on my the mother's side of the family.  On my dad's side, his mother was a direct descendant of Randall McCoy.  I have lived in and around the area where the actual feud took place my whole life.

As far as brickwalls, it does become really frustrating when you run into one.  I am like you.  I have to walk away and focus on something else for awhile.



Hi everyone, I apologize for not introducing myself when I first joined this site. My name is Charlene (Walker) Doucet from the Boston, MA area.  I started researching the paternal side of my family over two years ago.  I was able to get pretty far back on certain branches (on of it but got stumped on my Dad's direct line.  I was careful on because I found a lot of errors and misinformation.  I tried to research a lot on my own.  I've really enjoyed finding out about my ancestors!!  I am researching the Walker family from Maryland.  Also Wyatts, Haugheys and Whaleys.

I'm trying to track back to my 4th paternal G.G. who was possibly born in Europe (England or Scotland) or may be an American Indian? I don't know is first name (unknown Walker) but his son's name is John Curtis Walker (1797-1869) born in Hopewell, Somerset County, MD. He married Lydia Whaley (born 1810) in either MD or VA. Their children are: Henry (John), Hester A., Zachariah, Nathan, Sarah Jane and Ferlilia, all born in Somerset County, MD., living in Brinkleys District, Somerset County, MD. I'm hoping that someone out there can shed some light on my family tree. I am at a dead-end in my Dad's Walker line. It's been passed down in my family that we are of American Indian descent. I'm not sure if I can't find this Walker because he may be an Indian?  

I am looking forward to getting to know you all.  It will be nice having other "amateur" geneaologists to talk to!!

Just to let you know, I am researching the Walker family too. It is one of my brickwalls. My gggrandmother was Susannah P. Walker. She married Josiah Kitchens in 1837. She had two sons by Josiah Kitchens. One son Ben Kitchens always claimed Indian heritage. After Josiah Kitchens died, Susannah married Jacob Riffe in 1850 in Clark Co. Arkansas. They had one child, my ggrandmother , Mary Elizabeth (Riffe) Criswell. My ggrandmother was born in 1852 in Clark Co. Ark. After 1852 I can not find anything on Susannah Walker Kitchens Riffe or Jacob Riffe or my ggrandmother Mary Elizabeth Riffe. I pick Mary Elizabeth Riffe back up when she marries my ggrandfather in 1871.

I did find a David Walker married to Mary Crawford on Ancestry. They had a daughter Susannah P Walker born in the same year. These Walkers lived in Georgia. I have no supporting documentation that these are my Susannah Walker's parents.

When I read your post about the possible Indian heritage it rang a bell with me since the same thing was alleged by my ggrandmother's half -brother Ben Kitchens and it was supposed to have come from Walker line. So, I too am at a dead end with my Walker line.

Hi Judy, as far as I know, my Walkers are all from Maryland, unless they migrated from somewhere else earlier.  None of the names you mention are familiar to me at all.  Are you on as well?  I am CMDAUG12 on and my Tree is Walker Family Tree.  Please feel free to check my tree on that site and connect with me if it helps you out at all.  I'm hoping that on THIS site I may be able to come up with more information.  I wish I had asked my Dad and relatives all this information while they were still alive.

Yes, I am on Ancestry. I am bobh199  and my tree is the Perkins Family Tree. Since I am working backwards I'm not sure where my Walkers originated. Ancestry had a tree with a Susannah P Walker listed as a child of David Walker and his wife Mary Crawford. These Walkers also had a son Elisiah Walker. On the copy of the marriage liscense an E. G. Walker signed as Clerk of Warren Co. MS. Maybe her brother? On both of her marriag liscense Susannah used her middle initial of P. Unfortunately it has been transcripted as a T by others. I think the P must be significant or she would not have used it both times. Hopefully I can stumble on something useful just by surfing the internet.



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