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I have Minters in my tree. Would you happen to know if your Minters moved to Texas. Give me some Minter names and see if they are in my family.


All of the Minters I have are KY & VA, but there may have been a sib that moved to TX. Going back from most recent (his birth year): James Silas & Ruby (1910), Roy & Nettie (1882), James & Lucy (1848), John & Sarah (1821), Charles & Mary (1795), Anthony & Judith (1772), John & Mary (1741).

Hopefully there's a match somewhere.

My name is Mary & I live in San Diego, CA. I first got interested in genealogy 20 years ago at my mother’s family reunion. This has sparked me to investigate my father’s side. My grandfather came from Ireland a century ago. To my family’s disappointment, I find we are English/Scottish. (This is after I joined NIGS Irish Studies.) My grandmother was born here in US. Her father came from Cuba & married a German/French girl also born in US. I like to say I am from a Heinz 57 ancestry. Family names I am researching are BOYD, BRAZI, BRAZY, CARRICK, COOPER, CORCORAN, FRISENECKER, GABUZDA, GIBSON, GOETTING, GUNTHER, HUDAK, KOLIBAB, KOLIBABEK, LAMY, PIŃA, SARNA, & SZABOL.

I am now currently focusing on my Scottish line.

 I finished my basic & intermediate classes in Irish Studies here with NIGS. I am taking the Social Media class currently & learning more about GenealogyWise. When I am not searching online or through microfilm, I am piecing fabric or machine quilting a larger quilt.

Hello, I am searching information on surnames: Olejarz, Marianna of Galicia, Zwierczyk, Andrew (father Walenty) of Wilkowisko, Wator, Johann (father James, grandfather John, mother Cunnegundi? maternal grandfather Thomas Muskowiez) of Galicia, District of Limanova, and Budzynski, Casimir (mother Wanda, father Jan) of Warsaw, all of Poland.

I have a number of hardcover documents found after a family member's death which have aroused my interest into family's history. Among hardcover documents is 1905 copy of baptismal certificate from 1874 of Johann Wator from "Parish of Dobra". There appears to be a very good possibility that Johann Wator took identity of Andrew Zwierczyk prior to coming to US.

Any help or advise in my search would be very greatly appreciated.


Well hello everyone i'm here to find cousins related to Thomas Ruff born in 1802 Kentucky moved to Ohio and married Grace Collins born 20 march 1806 in In York. Co.Pennsylvania their children are 

Cheryl, you can do more searching if you go to your local LDS Family History Libaray, Ancestry is free there as well as other Family History sites that usually you have to pay for. you might also try

 I wish you luck.


Ok everyone, I have been trying to find my Granddad Charles Ralph. My Mum gave me the birthdate of July 5 1904 Wandsworth, Surrey England and for a few years now Ive been hoping that the Freebmd or another Family History Site had him but I couldn't find him, so I finally ordered a Birth Record for a Charles Ralph born 1905. t turns out that the 1 I orderd had a birthdate of 5 July 1905 Wandsworth Southfields and parents Charles Ralph and Louisa Moate.

   So if anyone has information on Charles Ralph and Louisa Moate please let me know.

 Thank you


Hi group! I started looking into my geneology just last year. I was surprised at what I found. I never knew much about my father's side of the family. I am a direct descendent of Robert Paddock who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1632. He is my 10th great-grandfather. The Paddocks married into the Macy's, Starbucks, Folgers, and Sears families just to name a few. I am a first cousin once removed and 8x down the line of Benjamen Franklin. The Paddocks were the first whalers in the new world according to some accounts that I found. Robert Paddock was a blacksmith and other Paddocks became ship's captains. There are some great stories about my distant relatives and I've been enjoying them. I look forward to learning more from the people on this site who have been at this longer than me.

Hello! I am a 48, happily married (just celebrated 25 yrs) to Steve who is a firefighter/paramedic!  We have two wonderful boys, Brendan, 16y my musician (plays bassoon) and Jacob, 12y, my Mr. Fixit man!  We live near St. Louis, Missouri.

I started doing genealogy when I was pregnant with my oldest.  All my life I heard the rumor that my GGG Grandfather, Charles Henry Briggs got into some horrible legal trouble and changed his name from Angell to Briggs.  I love puzzles and mysteries so I set out to find the truth.  Well 17 years later I am still looking.  I have made "some" progress.  I found Charles Henry Briggs from 1892 in New Jersey, his move to Missouri around 1902-3 and in Mo. until his death in 1913, he was always Briggs BUT I can not find him from his birth 7Oct1861ish in Massachusetts to 1892.  Now taking his mothers maiden name Mary S. Dunbar, I found that she married a David Angell and had a son, David Angell on 7Oct1861 in Massachusetts.  Both David and Charles were also shoe makers.  I can find David Angell from his birth 1861 until 1885 when he married a Sarah J Roberts and had a daughter Muriel B. Angell (married to a Elton B Alger)but can not find him after this.  I do believe David and Charles are one in the same but I can not find that smoking gun.  I am hoping that someone out there can help me or is a descendant of one of my surnames and had a heard the same family rumor?!?! 

I am a member of and NEHGS. My research pretty much is currently in Massachusetts and RI and I visit Boston every summer (my hsbs Aunt lives there). I am very open to any suggestions or hints! I just hope to someday find this answer! 

I am researching not only Briggs and Angell I am researching the following

from my Married surname Tuley: Tuley, Adam, Schone, Pudlowski

my maternal surname: Huth, Wagner, Casper,

my paternal surname: Briggs, Pfadenhauer, Finn, McCarthy

IF David Angell is related: Angell, Tillinghast, Dunbar, Hoar/Horr, Roberts 

Hi, my name is Christy and I am a beginner.  I've been working on along with my local state vital records online to find my family.  I am currently working on Gray, Suter, Schwing, Suppes, Carney in WV, OH, and PA.  I was very excited to find this site.  I am hoping to connect with some people who can help me and vice versa.  Thanks!


Ann,welcome, I had been trying for many yrs to find my Granddads Birth Cert my Mum had told me he was born 5 July 1904 but Wandsworth in London didnt have a Birth record for him that year, but 1 for 5 Jul 1905 and it was amazing what happened when I brought it. I have been able to go back on his family to 1668 and on his Mothers side way back, so I guess what Im saying is that you have 1 name so see if you can get the Birth records for them.

Also you might want to check

 All the best


Hello. I'm fairly new to all this and don't even know if I'm in the right place. I am successfully piecing together my family tree but have hit a brick wall with my great grandad.

His name was Joseph Johnston and he was born in Northern Ireland in 1866. He married an Elizabeth Ellen Kneebone in 1891 in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK (nee Moon - b. 1872 Cornwall, d. 1953 Barrow-in-Furness) and this pair made my granddad Clifford Johnston (b.1912 Barrow-in-Furness) and he is my Mam's Dad.

Can anyone help with any info at all on Joseph Johnston...such as his parents..because that's all I've got??

Thank you.






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