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I am looking/researching several families from Belarus to Trinidad and the Welsh Mtns PA. My family is a color spectrum.Names have been changed,People will not talk.It
is amazing at how many people I have asked,will not comply.
Oral history for many is a big secret.There are still people alive whom have alot of info too!My family history as well as my husbands and grandaughters' could be a script for a movie!I am very frustrated.I cannot afford all the fees associated with the ususal databases......I want to know my roots....our collective roots!

Laurie if you go to your local Family History Libary, you can get on the paid FH sites for free, plus is free, plus you can sign up at I agree with you on 3 of my parents direct lines I can go back many genarations, but for my Mums Fathers line I only have her Fathers name and Birth and death info as well as his marriage, on hismarriage cert it says who his Father is, but I can't find them. I can't find a birth record on him (my granddad). Very frastrating for me. you might also want to go to Google and put your names you want to find and see what pops up.


Hi! I'm from Indianapolis, and am a 9th generation Hoosier. Consequently, my biggest interest is in Indiana genealogy. I'm also very interested in Irish genealogy - especially Counties Galway and Limerick.

I m getting ready to publish my first novel, a genealogy-themed historical fantasy. Please see the link for a review and a synopsis of the book! I believe fellow genealogists would enjoy it.

My name is Suzanne and I live in Independence Mo.  However, all of my family is from St. Louis MO.

If anyone out there could help me a bit with research in Nottingham England, I would appreciate it. I  am researching my FLAHERTY and MORGAN families there. I have found quite a bit of info there,  so mostly I am trying to find out about Catholic cemeteries there.  I have written to St. Barnabas Cathedral for some baptismal info, but so far have had no response. Thank you!

In St. Louis I am researching DWYER, TIGHE, FLAHERTY (E. St. Louis, IL) families.

Suzanne, I have adviced many to google there surnames and see what comes up, also is free, as well as and for the paid Family History sites you can go to your local LDS Family History Center and the sites will be free.

 I hope this helps you


Hi, I'm Liz Emmerick from Angola New York outside of Buffalo New York.  I am looking for the following family lines. Cronin.Richard Jeremiah Cronin 1873 -1932 from Cork Ireland married to Julia O'Laughlin  1871 - 1946 also Cork They settled in Buffalo. His son Jeremiah was Commissioner of police.  Caspar Huehne 1841 - 1878 Hesse Kessel Germany married to Carolina Emmerich 1875 -1883 settled in Buffalo n.y. Her mother was Charlotte Pries 1809-1885 Kupertin  Germany.  Michael O'Keeffe 1833-1883 Cork Ireland Married to Mary Ann Skain Toronto Canada.   Thomas Lee 1840-1898 Ireland Married to Catherine Howes 1841- 1985  St Catherines Ont. Canada.  These families settled in Buffalo or Dunkirk N.Y..  Some of the name spellings may be off as some of date as well.  I would  appreciate any help. I can also be found on facebook.  My mom and I have been doing genealogy work for several years now, my grandmother and I did it together until she died, then my mom started. I enjoy looking threw the old books.   Please contact me if you have ant information, I know very little about the families and most of what I know is from paper trails. thanks!!!! 

Do you have an Ann Barbara Emmerichs and Adam Emmerichs anywhere in your tree?

I actually have very little information on the Emmericks. I was hoping for help. I have Carolina Emmerich 1838-  1885- and Louisa 1834-  1875 with their mother Charlotte pries 1809  -1885.  Carolina married a Caspar Huehne. and Louisa married Charles Rauch. they came from Hesse Kessel Germany.  I don't have a name for Charlotte's husband. her name may have been loudamina. I know the spelling is wrong on that.

I should also mention that they settled in buffalo new york

These are the only 2 Emmerichs I have so far and they lived in Horperath, Adenau, Rheinland, Prussia. (Germany)

I know their mother came from kuppertin germany   and that Caroline married a man from Hesse Kessel.  I have not been able to find out the father's first name.

My interest in genealogy is to find when all of the various lines came to America or in some cases, the colonies. I have started in earnest on this for only about 18 months. Most of my side (Klumb, Bast, Roth, Loeb, Martin) is from Germany coming over just before the civil war, but the challenges are mainly on the wife's side (Harrison, Bullock, Minter, Renner, Kilgus, White). Most of them go back to mid or early 1700's. I have tried, but found many duplicate postings with no sources so have instead focused on newspaper, cemetery and census info. 

I'm in my mid forties and stay at home (Lexington, KY) with a handyman business as part time income. My research is sporadic and usually just to find out basics about the people. 

No website yet as my time is limited, but hopefully can get one soon.

Paul Klumb



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