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Hi my name is Heidi and I am new at researching my ancestry.  On my fathers side are the Chartrands.  Leopold, Napoleon, Francois, Thomas, Louis and others.  Most recient lived in the area of Pointe-Claire

On my mothers side are Burkhardts.  I don't have much information, grandfather Ferdiand Burkhardt, grandmother Charlotte Burkhartd.  I've been told they are burried at Mount Royal Cemetary.  They came from Mittelbexbach Germany to the area of Montreal, Canada.  I was told my grandfather may have remmarried a Marie.

I want to find as much verified information on both sides.  It is so hard because I get mixed information, and how do you know for sure which information is correct.



Charlotte, ask members of your family as well as Aunts and Uncles and ask for records that they might have. Also try googling the names you have, try and other sites. Also try going to your local family history libary.

I'm having trouble finding my grand Dad Charles Ralph, I have a birth and death date, but the birth date is on the death record. And the death record doesnt have his parents names. Oh well I will find a birth record for him when his ready to let me know.


I live full-time in my RV and travel about the country while doing my genealogy.  I started doing genealogy back in the 1970s, when it was mostly writing letters, visiting NARA and libraries.  Then I put it away for many years and only dabbled in it here and there, now that I am mostly retired I have jumped back in with both feed and I'm embracing all the new technology. 

For the last few years I've focused on my husband's family in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  But now I'm back to my own family taking over some of my mother's work on her lines in the south (Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Texas)

Looking forward to interacting and learning from all of you.


Hi, Norah.  I too have family in New York (Herkimer & Montgomery), Florida (Alachua, Bay, Holmes), Georgia (Thomas), and South Carolina (several).  Would you be interested in sharing the surnames for which you're looking?


Hi Vickey, My husband's New York ancestors (Glover, Foster, Parker, Stockman, Maddin) come mostly from Monroe, Genessee, Orleans and Erie Counties New York; he also has some ancestors from Sommerset County Penn (Giesey).


My ancestors that I am presently working on are: Graham, Pickren who were in Mississippi, Louisiana (Rapides Parish), Texas (Milam Co)  and Florida (Osceola Co)  between 1818 and 1960. We have been trying to track the earliest Graham (Robert) to his birthplace in Mississippi about 1818, but so far without any luck.


In your research of Rapides Parish, LA, have you come across the name BAILLIO?  They're kin of mine. Looks like Rapides is the only location we have in common.  Happy hunting!


name Tjay looking for ancesters lower north street newry traced to 1891 john and thomas hendrick thanks tjay

Hello!  I am researching a few branches of my family but my main focus is on my McNulty family.  McNulty's start with my GGgrandfather Bryan. He came to the USA and settled in Cincinnati, married Maggie Horan and had 2 children. Maggie died, Bryan remarried Maria Fanning, had one child.  About 1888 Bryan, Maria and the 3 children returned to Ireland and lived in Cashel, Charlestown Co Mayo.  When these children grew up, one at a time, each came to live in Philadelphia PA.   I have been fortunate with my research.  I am looking for any connections from Cincinnati for the McNulty's Horan's or Fannings.  And any connection to the McNulty's of Philadelphia. 



I have been researching my dad's family for about 18 months now.  Primarily, I use Family Tree Maker &  My husband is also into genealogy.  We are retired & full-time RVers, so we are able to spend a lot of time researching.  In fact, we dedicated 2011 to that very purpose, traveling from our home base in Lubbock, TX through AR, KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL & MS last year doing our research at a fairly leisurely pace.  Of course, a little research begets more research.  We visited county libraries, local genealogical societies, state archives, court houses, generally had a wonderful time.


My dad's family came from Graves Co., KY, so my searches began there, but quickly led to NC.  There are some lines where I have had great success & others where I have hit brick walls.  My Ggrandmother Dodson is a prime example.  According to censuses filed after she married my Ggrandfather Perry Alonzo Clark, she was born in TN, but I have no idea who here parents or siblings were.


Since I am a history buff & like puzzles, genealogy seems to be right up my alley.

Hi Sue,  What caught my eye was that you are also full-timers -- how cool is that. It's a great life -- we have been on the road 5 years; how about you?   We are stalled right now in California, but hoping to get moving again by summer.

I wish we had been able to spend as much time as you working on the genealogy; it sounds like you have a good start. Don't get discourage on your brickwalls; I had one that took me 15 years to resolve, and the Robert Graham line my mother has been working on for 40 years when she just handed it over to me last week; I'm starting that one from ground zero to see where it leads me.  Since most of my experience has been in northern states I feel a bit like a fish out of water in the deep south.  But learning is part of the fun.

I use Legacy Family Tree, and I love their free webinars for learning all the good stuff.  Here's a link to their Webinars (they are free to everyone).  They have one of brick walls coming up that you might find helpful.




Hi, Norah, always glad to hear from other RVers.  We moved into our coach in June, 2006.  We usually spend the summers in Canada or Alaska, as it's much cooler than TX.  Last year was an exception but one that I'm sure we'll pursue in the future, maybe in the cooler months.  This summer we plan to spend at least 2 months on Prince Edward Island.  We've been there twice before for short periods & always wanted to return for a leisurely stay--eat as much "cheap" lobster as possible.


I've never used any webinars but will try them.  Thanks for the link.  Do you have a usual travel routine like so many full-timers or do you just go where the spirit moves you?  We're still in the "traveling" phase & are not ready to settle down to 3-4 places a year.



Hi Sue, we moved into our rig in Nov. 2006 but didn't hit the road until Jan 2007 - so we consider ourselves Escapees Class of 2007. 

We usually winter in Quartzsite, AZ then spend the rest of the year where ever it takes us; although I usually make a plan and try to alternate between east and west coasts (we have family on both). Last summer we spent on the Olympic Penn. across the water from Seattle - not sure we would do that again - it was much cooler than the rest of the country but very gloomy.  The past few months have been an exception for us -- hubby is dealing with a health issue, but we are hoping to be back on the move by late Spring or early summer. 

Prince Edward Island sounds lovely.  Do you have a favorite place you stay?

No, no plans to settle down yet.  Too many places still left unvisited. 




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