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Hi Pedro,

That's what happened to me. A friend and I had the test and her results started in Africa and went all over the world. Mine never left a small area in Africa. I am still looking for my great-grandmother on the Internet, Web pages, genealogy pages, etc. I don't have the money right now for any more testing, but that is what I'm going to follow up with. I don't have any knowledge about where to go next, sorry. I'm Googling everything I can think of that might bring me closer to finding her and her ancestors.

Good luck. If I come across anything that will help us, I'll contact you.


I began working on my family history in the early 1970s as a school project. It has rapidly become a life long passion or obsession.  I have an extensive family history on the Brinkley family of NC and VA.  The Simpson family of NC and VA, Draughn of NC and VA and most allied lines that married into my Brinkley line.

I have a pretty good history of the Gardner family. Not many photos in this line. Had them but then they were requested not to be published by a cousin.   And since I honestly cannot remember which ones I got from her or from other Gardner relatives I have held off on all of them unless it is something new that comes into my hands.

I am working on the Russell, Williams, Bertz, Stowe and Barrett lines now from NY and CT.

I would love to connect with other family members who are working along the same lines and willing to help others with their research as time allows.

kathie, where in nc do your brinkley family hail from. I live in eastern nc, and we have quite a few brinkley's living around the littleton, weldon, roanoke rapids, and enfield area. i was wondering if these may be relatives of yours.

Also.... I wanted to let you all know that I'm looking for my paternal side of the family last name Pooler.  I'm finding that most people have little information about their paternal parents.   I'm looking for informations for the last name Pooler from Ohio.  My grandfather is Leslie Carl Pooler and great grandfather is Carl Leslie Pooler.   No other information. 

Help with this one is appreciated also!

Thanks in advance!


Theresa have you tried looking at or ?



I reside in Johannesburg, South Africa and have been researching my family for the past six years. The names I am researching are: FRASER, CHRISTOPHERSON, HONEYBORNE AND DUNSTONE. My FRASER line has been traced back to 1705 in the Shetland Islands.

I am stuck on the details of George Ernest CHRISTOPHERSON from Ipswich, Suffolk. I do have his death details but need to trace his birth records and when he came to South Africa. Records show that he fought in and survived the battle of Delville Wood WW1.

I omitted to add the other family names tha I am researching. Here are the names: FRASER, HONEYBORNE, KNOTHE. CHRISTOPHERSON, DUNSTONE. I have not started on my wife's family yet and I understand that some work has been done on MORRIS, MILLER.

Hello to all,

My name is David Allen Turner, and I live in Roanoke Rapids, NC. I joined geneology forum to possibly learn more about my fathers family (Turner) and his mother's side ( Cook and Magoon). I have done some research and traced my great grandmother back to Franklin County, NY. And my grandfather's side (Turner) back to Burlington, VT. Both my grandmother and granfather lived in two different states (one in New York and one in Vermont), but were only a county apart in distance. this is how I surmise that the two ever met. My greatgrandmother was a Magoon, which I have recently learned is a Scottish/Galic shorting of the name Machoning or something similar. Was most probably changed when they immegrated to the United States. The Turner name I find out is of Norman decent. It would be nice to find relatives of both sides of my family origin, and to find out maybe where my original families are from. please contact me if you think you may be related to either side. thank you. Also on my great grandmothers side of the family are the Cook family which are from Tioga tx. We also interestingly are members of the Kitchen family Tree on my great grandmothers side ( Gladys Magoon Cook Harper)

David, there are lots of Turner's on facebook so i'm not sure how you woul go about finding who is in your family. but try Magoon and Machoning, you never know.


Almost missed where you are members of the Kitchen family tree. Is it Kitchen or Kitchens? I have been researching the Kitchens family. My great great grandmother's first husband was the Rev. Josiah Kitchens. The Kitchens  that I have been looking at are also aligned with the Thetford/Thedford, Walker, Flowers, and Crisp.

Sound familiar to you?


Judy,  thanks for asking...I believe that My great grandmother  Gladys Magoon Cook was some how in the Kitchen family tree. I don't think that it is kitchens, but I will have to get some more info. from my uncle, who has been doing genealogy on our family for some time now.

Good day!   My name is Becky.   I have been doing Genealogy research for about 25 years.  I got started with Genealogy thanks to my Step Mother.   Most of my research is in East Central Illinois, but I have relatives all over the United States.     I am currently researching Guymon, Babbs, Phillips, and Bartimus.  Other surnames in the family are Feltner, Prentice, Pritchard, McKee, and Ayers.   My step mother took good care of the Babbs family so I am mostly focusing on the Phillips, Bartimus, and Guymon lines.

I am the newsletter editor for the Coles County Genealogical Society (Illinois) and I also volunteer for the Illinois State Genealogical Society.    My web site is

I look forward to getting to know everyone!





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