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I have just added 2 groups and thought I'd tell a bit about the idea behind them.


Being a 4th generation Texan and proud of my Texas heritage, naming my website "Texas History Hunter" only seemed natural, since I was digging most of the time into Texas related records and history. So anyone, like me, hunting for records or history in Texas, is welcome, whether you live in Texas or not.


I am also a volunteer headstone photographer. In dealing with office staff, sometimes they are great, sometimes they are not. It would have been nice to have been able to know before hand what to expect!

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Save Our (Local Genealogical) Societies is a new group to facilitate discussions on the success and problems of local genealogical societies and how they can cope with changing technologies and integrating younger more technological savvy members with older members uncomfortable with such change in order to create strong societies. We seek your suggestions, comments, ideas, stories of things that have and haven't worked. Feel free to come over, join in, and help us shape the group and get started on idea sharing.

New Groups:

Vines - This group is for all those with Vines / Vine ancestry

Vaden - This group is for all those with Vaden ancestry, including Vadin, Vodin, Voden, Vaiden, Vauden.
I just added quite a few surname groups in the last week. Here is the list:

Stokesy Family
Switzer Family
Chapel Family
Stone Family
Audas Family
Embody Family
Jefferson Family
Fuller Family
Wright Family
Whiting Family
Chileab Family
Munforde Family
Reynolds Family
Happ Family
Delsol Family
West Family
Gardient Family
Mays Family
Sisson Family
Hulbert Genealogy
Boney Family
Bradle Family
James Family
Alston Family
Sturdivant Family
Hallom Family
Hi Jennifer, I haven't forgotten about your request, will try to get to some this evening.
Seeking info on GEORGE W. MAYS' lineage. Found in Missouri in 1875 but unable to backtrack further. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

CORRECTION:  Should have been AR not MO.  Thanks,  Bill

Just found this site and was excited to see your listing of "Reynolds Family". This was my Mother's family. I have been told that they were in Phila., PA before the Revolutionary War but the earliest I can trace them is James A Reynolds, b. @1863. James m. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Richter May 1884 and the had 2 sons, Robert - my grandfather - and William, and a daughter, Amelia. They divorced March 1894 In Philadelphia, PA. James abandoned the family in 1890-91 and Elizabeth later remarried. Most of this is documented.

I am looking for my earlier ancestors, but there are a lot of Reynolds around in Philadelphia. I'd appreciate any help you can give and am willing to share what I have.

Dolores E. Wolfe

Jennifer,  I'm searching for the George W. Mays family in AR.  I know he married a Jane Russell in 1875 AR  and then failed to show again on the 1910 census.  Would like to know when and where he died and who his ancestors were.  Thanks,  Bill

Hi all-
I have created:


A group for those researching the Trueblood family.


A group for those researching the Maisch/Maish families

Steere and Related RI families:

A group for those researching the families found in the 1890 Root John Steere Genealogy Book
I've added a Stroud surname group, under the name Stroud. :)

My focus is on the Stroud family that appeared to be in the Delaware area in the US in the 1750-1800s, but I'm happy to include Stroud researchers from anywhere. :)

du Plessis and du Plessis de Richelieu family.
There is a new genealogical site for du Plessis and du Plessis de Richelieu researchers:
The idea is to research the du Plessis and du Plessis de Richelieu family worldwide. During the 1600’s when Jean Prieur du Plessis moved to South Africa another (unknown) du Plessis de Richelieu moved to Denmark. There are also indications that a member / members of the same family settled in Canada.
If you are interested in this family, I hope that you will participate and render a contribution.

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