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Here's a question that has been eating my lunch for some time. What relationship am I to my great great grandmother's second husband ? She had children by both men. Is this where the "once removed" comes in or 1st cousin ? Any answers ????

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Unless you are descended from the second you are not related to him.  You could say you are "half cousins" to any of his offspring, but we do not really have a term such as that in English.  I call all the "cousins" just that from my grandmother's second marriage. The aunts from my grandma's 2nd marriage are called "aunt", not "half-aunt" unless I am trying to give an exact biological relationship.


All your cousins, ie children of your aunts or uncles are first cousins.  Their children are first cousin once removed, etc.  If you do a google search >relationships + genealogy + charts< you will get a number of hits to help you sort out the different terms. Good luck.

I would refer to him as a step great-great grandfather. The children from this husband would be half siblings of your great grandparent. Their descendants would be half cousins (1st, 2nd, 3rd, once, twice, 3x removed, etc.)


  That was kinda sorta what I was thinking. Thanks for the answer

Hello Peter,

If you get this message, please reply.  I have info about Alexander George McCormick.  Thanks!

Ellen McCormick Gerwitz



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