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In a last ditch attempt, and as advised,  that I might get results, as I live  here in the UK, I am hoping to find someone who has knowledge of the above names..

They both emigrated in 1889 to New York from the Isle-of-Wight, England.

Henry born 11th July,1861.  Rose Ellen born 25th February 1863. both I-of-W, england

Although they lived in the Bronx, they had  connections with Connecticut. Westchester, Fairfield, Stamfield, and Spuyten Duyvil where they were first employed.

Henry's niece is buried in the cemetery of Connecticut Valley hospital.

In the 1940 census Henry was still living at 664.  East 237 Street, Bronx both aged 70 years.(age is  incorrect for Rose as often was the case on their 3 trips back to the I-of-W))   This place does not seem to be there for me to check who the new owners are and when they bought it, so I would have a better clue as to the year(s) they so far I have been unsuccessful

They could have moved to Connecticut to be near any relations through his neice's daughter, who married into the Boshka family.

I know for sure that they did not come back to live out their lives in the Isle-of-Wight, Hampshire, England.

I have been searching for over 3 years now.  I could send for POSSIBLE death certificates, but I have learned the hard way that this is the easiest way to accumelate unwanted certificates as many would agree with.

It would mean the end of my search IF their death dates and burial places were found.

thank you with kind regards.

April  from Hampshire, England

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To the kind person who replied via Facebook and Denise Bates about the above, and said they lived in the UK and could possibly help, please could you contact me at  Thanks.





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