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Today is the one-week birthday of GenealogyWise. In the last couple of days we have had to face some censorship issues for the first time. We have not been around long enough to have set policies for these kind of issues. So, we want to turn to you, our members, to help us set our censorship policies. We invite each of you to respond letting us know whether or not you think the following types of posts should be censored:

(1) Content related to pornography or adult content
(2) Content promoting products and services not related to genealogy (business opportunities, etc.)
(3) Content that is disrespectful or rude (name calling, etc.)

We value your feedback and want your help in setting policies. What do you think?

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I think people are missing the point of number 1, it's not a question of 'hey should we allow full blown porn?'; of course not, and since this is a PUBLIC forum accessible by minors, Genealogy Wise and it's parent company would be sued out the wazoo for 'porn'. I think number 1 should be changed to 'What constitutes an appropriate picture for this website'. That's the real question being asked, not 'do you wanna look at porn' but 'is aunt edna's knickers appropriate?' I really hope people do not actually have pictures of their ancestors in obviously provocative pictures, and why would YOU want to see that much less show the world? But like I said before, while I wouldn't post it; I would find pictures of a REAL burlesque show absolutely fascinating and hey, that dancer is the poster's great grandma, wow, that's really neat. But back then burlesque costumes were MILD compared to what I've seen girls wear to a club, so what is an appropriate picture in relation to your ancestors? I said before that a 'PG' rating would be appropriate, but apparently that now means brief nudity (for movies), so I think a G rating would actually be more appropriate. If the picture directly relates to your genealogy; can be made, or IS of a G rating [which rules out all forms of nudity, especially those cute pictures of the twins in the bathtub]; and does not depict a sex act it should be allowed. It's up to Genealogy Wise to really define what a 'G' picture would be - but so many people here seem to be puritanical where questionable pictures are concerned, so maybe just flat out saying 'everyone has to be fully dressed in everyday clothes, no nightgowns, bathing suits, topless-ness, or suggestive poses' should be the policy. And maybe pictures should have to be reviewed by volunteers [we the persons using Genealogy Wise], before being allowed to post to the main page. I'm not sure how it works, but I am on another site that uses this platform and anytime I upload a picture it has to be visually approved by someone at the site.
Pornography has no place in any family site.
Things not related to genealogy have no business here.
And we all should respect each other and be nice, no matter if we like each other or not.
I might be completely oversensitive, but could possibly GW not call it a "censorship policy." Maybe a site decency policy or something along those lines. Something focused on meeting a particular respectful standard, instead of the negative tone that the word censorship expresses.
I see no need for pornography or nude photos of grandma. A bikini photo is fine, or of a historic statue or painting which has nude models (if there is some genealogical tie in RE the photo), but there are plenty of other sites available for posting that vintage picture of Uncle Leonard about to skinny dip.

I see no need for promoting non-genealogy related services. I don't see it as so much a matter of censorship as these things being irrelevant to the topic at hand. There will be enough information to wade through here, without the inclusion of non-genealogy content. Please keep them off the site.

Calling each other profanities may be safely banned, but otherwise rudeness may be a little harder to define, as there may be a disagreement about some point of research. One person may see the disagreement as rude and another may not. If one person says another's idea is stupid, is that rude? or simply an opinion of the merits of the other person's case?
YES to all three:

(1) Content related to pornography or adult content
(2) Content promoting products and services not related to genealogy (business opportunities, etc.)
(3) Content that is disrespectful or rude (name calling, etc.)

As for #3, I think it would be wise to warn a party once, then if the behavior is repeated to put that person on moderated only posts for 2 weeks to a month. Members who can't/won't learn to be civil should be blocked from the site.
Susan, I agree that individuals should be warned about that goes against whatever code of conduct GW decides on. Probation is a good idea as well, putting the individual on moderate as you have specified.
I think I should start this by saying that I am younger than the 'average' genealogist. I believe that is why I am so disturbed by the deletion of Terry's post criticizing the contest being held by GW. I would think that GW would prefer criticism be posted here, rather than on other sites. At least with it here, this gives GW the opportunity to answer it officially, if so desired, rather than having someone posting on other sites where GW may not be aware of the discussion, or may not be in a position to reply. I was away from my computer yesterday, so I am only going by what I have seen written about this situation today, on a different social site. It's my understanding that GW was quite the hot topic yesterday on both Facebook and Twitter, probably on other sites as well. By GW's knee-jerk reaction, GW has gotten quite a bit of negative publicity all across the net.

I am now worried that if I write something that someone doesn't like - will I be censored? There was no name calling in Terry's post, nor was there any profanity. Other than pure censorship, destroy that which does not agree with GW, is the only reason I see for the deletion. I didn't even see it as 'rude' - perhaps a bit sarcastic, but not rude. If sarcasm is not allowed, please let me know now, so I may leave, as I am one of the most sarcastic people I know.

On the the subject of porn - I agree with Marilin Meghan Dunsmore. Porn should not be allowed, but if someone has what was considered porn from 1880, personally, I want to see it! ;)

On the subject of business - I agree with the majority of what I've read here - only genealogy related, and preferably in a 'business only' section. But, on this subject, I also agree with Amy Crooks, in not wanting to be censored for sharing about a product or service that you are really excited about - then getting back to the subject at hand.

On the subject of "disrespectful, rude, name calling, etc" - Name calling is so childish, yes - name calling (bad names, I hope you mean), should not be allowed. Neither should profanity be allowed - UNLESS transcribing something to share with others. Cussing just to cuss simply should not be allowed. Disrespectful should not be an issue, in my opinion. It is technically disrespectful for me to speak of the girl born in the 1820s who was married before age 16 and gave birth only two months later.... Rude is another topic that should not be an issue. Some would find it rude for me to talk of the girl mentioned above. Abusive is something that should be included. Abusive behavior/language should not be tolerated. Abusive would include threatening posts. Provocative or solicitous posts should not be allowed either. This is not a dating network. I could probably sit here forever and come up with more, but I'd really rather get back to working on my genealogy.
All the above.
Well, I see I am late to this discussion and guess I have already "stepped off in it", meaning I just sent a little lite email to my friends here reminding them of the approaching holidays. Since I started a group to bring together our members who are creative and use their talents, I figure we can be supportive on them,etc. After all, you can't just walk into WalMart and find a genealogy related gift unless it is a dvd or a, if I have over stepped it here, let me apologize right now!

Anyway, item #1 is a no brainer. Porn is porn, art is art and historical items are just that, historical. There are a great many ancient artifacts the public doesn't get to see because they are deemed offensive by todays standards.

#2.. I wouldn't want anything overboard either. If you are the creative type and have a cafepress or zazzle gallery, or any other outlet, come to the Cemetery Lover's Gift group and I'll highlight you there.

#3. Short of name calling and flaming, I don't have a problem with disagreements. Some of my best friendships started out as strong disagreements...just my 2cents

It isn't number 4 but I have been reading some of the discussion about the look-up group. I see no problem with look-ups which by their very discription is brief. It isn't like you are copying an entire book or dvd/cd. A look-up is just that. You can quote copyrighted works as long as it is brief and cited.
(1) Content related to pornography or adult content - Way off-topic! Of course it should be removed ASAP.
(2) Content promoting products and services not related to genealogy (business opportunities, etc.) - Off-topic! Of course they should be removed. I would add that GenealogyWise should be selective in the advertising they accept. People will come here for genealogy related information, so ads for cars and home loans probably wouldn't get you a lot of "click through revenue" to make them worth your effort to put them in.
(3) Content that is disrespectful or rude (name calling, etc.) - "Name calling" should not be allowed, but "disrespectful" and "rude" can be very subjective, so examples should be used along with the general principle. I once had the statement, "Everyone has the right to be wrong." censored. That company was so picky that it went out of business.
On above 2),= this should only be allowed if taken to another site by clear statements only and no name of business, prices or anything that could show its a business. Example is as follows and be placed on a side area that does not interfer with the site; Its John Does birthday, would like to send them a gift? Click here. or its mothers day, would you like to send a mothers day card/ Click Here. This is similar to what Facebook does and and a few other sites do. This can be a great way to earn a cash flow to your company. Also suggest you donate a 1.00 or higher amount to help feed starving children in the US with every purchase made or for every $20.00 spent. Facebook and many sites do online cards for free but if you want to add music etc,... it cost money. I am sure that someone is aware of these marketing strategies.
3.) Deal with this just like AOL does, web user are able to report the disrespectful or rude name calling. AOL investigates it and if they see it as such, they will notify the main person that signed up for AOL and block use of AOL until they call AOL and respond with why the rude and or disrespectful name calling was made. Sometimes they are banned from AOL. sometimes the Police are notified if comments are serious or life threatening. I am sure their is software that can immediately detect much of tis language also and instantly remove the words and block the user.
1) Why would porno or adult content be allowed? What does it have to do with genealogy or family history?
2) Bus. opportunities should not be allowed unless they promote genealogy or family history such as other businesses related to genealogy research or scrapping booking, or personal journals, etc.
3) Being Disrespectful or Rude? What's the point of that? If it happens, the person should be banned from this website.





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