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So, my great-grandfather was Harry; he worked for the Custer County Chief newspaper with the Randalls. They loved Broken Bow and I would LOVE one day to go back there are do lots o research on these families.
Harry was born in 1892 and his father, Milard Filmore Wright was born in 1856 and died in Broken Bow in 1898.
Would anyone else happen to know about anyone from these times?
Also, I have MANY pictures of people in the town.
If you have any relatives from here, join in! :o)

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Hi Brooke! We are descended from the same man (Harry Wright is my great-great-grandfather). My family (our family?) still ranches in the area and I'm sure that his great-granddaughter would love to chat with you. Her mother actually published a book about the history of the family, and in it she mentioned that some of Harry's children went to California but that the family had lost track of at least one of them. You are probably a descendant of one of our long-lost cousins! 



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