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It appears that the world has turned upside down around us. The one thing that holds us securely in place is our family roots. Tracing the footsteps one by one leads us all down many different roads. My road connects to Genealogy Wise today, and I'm happy to be here with you all. Hearing family stories as a child guided the path I would take in life. A 7th-grade book report filled with three generations of my family reminded me of passion and an urgency to know the past. Years have gone by since then, and the research continues daily. The journey to the past has filled my life with adventure and priceless treasures. The details from my ancestor's dreams, sorrows, joys, and much more have enlightened my life beyond every expectation. I share my experiences on a personal blog entitled Piedmont Trails. One of the best-kept secrets with genealogy is the friends who support you. Hundreds of dear friends have joined the journey with me, and I look forward to meeting everyone here. 

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