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Hi Folks;


My name is Charles Wesley Smith and I have been researching the family since 1964; by the way I am a geneaholic.  There is hardly ever a day goes by that I do not research and explore, yes besides be a researcher you are an explorer in your genealogy life.  Even though I have been associated with Genealogy for 46 years now, I still consider myself a baby in genealogy because I learn something new all the time.  A prime example is FaceBook, which I became aware of several months ago.


We are always saying family history, but what about today, what is happening right now in the extended family?  I care, we all should care about the past, the present and the future when it comes the the family, as should, the paternal and maternal lineage in total not just the bloodline.  I ask that you excuse me, and I will get off the soap bax and back to my subject at hand - FaceBook.


As I said I become aware of FaceBook several months ago and through it I have become aquainted with many a new 2nd, 3rd and so on cousins and reaquantied with some whom I had lost contact with and the families of grand and great grandaunts/uncles.  Several examples are a recent death (15 Jan 2010) of a distant cousin in GA and the birth of a beautiful distant cousin in TX.  She was born on 8 Feb 2010, and shares her birthdate with her 5 year old sister.  Abagail Joy Willis of San Antonio, Bexar. TX is the latest individual add to the STAFA data base.


I know most us are in contact, at least monthly with our close family.  I had contact with my children; some cousins; aunts; uncles; nieces; and. nephews on a weekly bases via phone or email before I became aware of FaceBook.


Now I am in touch with them daily, plus over 300 distant kin and have added several thousand, mostly living member of the STAFA extended family.


Charles Wesley Smith Sr  



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Hey Sherry - tried to become friends but friend request is blocked on your facebook page. Charles
I agree - facebook has allowed me to connect with quite a few distant cousins, both bloodline and collateral/in-law. It is a great way to extend our knowledge of the current members of the family - always remembering that researching collateral lines can help us defeat roadblocks on the direct lines.

Charles Fleming
Charles .... I've had a similar positive experience with FaceBook and locating previously unknown relations. It's proved to be a truly helpful too.




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