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My ggg-grandmother was Eliza Griffiths born 1809, Wales. Trying to determine husband and what happened to him. Wales 1851 census shows her with children in Abergwawr, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire. My gg-grandfather was born in 1849, Gomer Griffiths. Eliza came to America in 1853 with the children but no husband. I have for several years attempted to find my ggg-grandfathers name and death. Any help or direction appreciated.


Children David ~1830

               Ann   ~1833

               Sarah ~1838

               William ~1841

               Susan ~1846

               Gomer ~1849

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An obvious location would be on Gomer's birth certificate (or that of one of the other children). Doesn't it mention his father's name there??

I'm assuming she was widowed. 1851 shows she and older children born Glam Dowlais. Youngest two born Glam Abercane (sp?).

Sorry, I think I edited my comment while you were replying. I wasn't expecting such a rapid response!!!

The 1851 Census should say whether or not someone was widowed. It gave considerable more info than previous censuses.

If you haven't done so, purchasing your gg-grandfather's birth certificate will be money well spent. It wil be nigh impossible to guess which Griffiths is yours, it is a popular Welsh surname! Birth certificates normally name the father, unless the mother didn't know (or didn't wish to divulge).

Ok thanks. I didn't catch the widowed, etc status on the census. I will go back and check. Thank you very much!!

Can you make this out? Checked the previous page to make sure no others at the address. Doesn't look like the others on page with Mar in the column. Not meaning to wear you out but thought you may have an idea.

Well, it looks like the first three letters are Wid. The second upstroke of the W turns down with a kink to join the top of the i. So if it looks unlike the Mar's elsewhere, high chance she was a Widow. Presumably the father of Gomer dies somewhere between 9 months before Gomer was born and April 1851.

It was worth double-checking, because husbands were sometimes away working/staying elsewhere on census night. Now time to get Gomer's birth cert :)

Thanks for your help been doing this off and on for probably 35 yrs but not that good at it! Thanks again!!



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