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Does anyone know an appropriate amount to donate when someone has done some basic reseach related to a cemetery information request? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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How much is it worth to you?

How many hours do you think are involved? And what is an hourly rate if this was a professional working for you?

If this was a neighbour helping out with your garden while you are away from home, what would you give him? A bottle of whisky, maybe?

I am just replying because no one else has! I just don't know! I think the best answer would be to try to reciprocate?
I think it would depend, if the person is in to genealogy and working on their own family too, then usually we are used to helping each other, and ask that you just pass on the good will and help some one else when you can. If it was an employee of the cemetery or what ever and they went way out of their way for you, maybe send them a nice box of candy or a thoughtful little gift with a card. If they went througfh some expense then of course offer to remburse them, if it is a donation for a church or organization then somewhere between 10 and 25.00 would be ok. Just my opinion....
It depends on how much they did. My friend, who works at our local library, is the genealogy guru and she says $20 or the cost of a membership to whatever historical society helped you.





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