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My David Copp, Jr., Esq. (lawyer, where did he go to law school?) of Dover, N.H., wed 15-years old Mary "Polly" Watson at the Portsmouth, N.H., Episcopal Church (she died Biloxi 1846). Allegedly the Portsmouth town history book says they left in the night to escape his gambling debts. He was a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. He was murdered in a New Orleans gambling house 1803. Widow Polly wed Robert Porter, who I think was the New Orleans Collector of U.S. Customs? David Jr's father, Patriot, LtCol David Copp, Sr. (Capt. @ Bunker Hill), is buried Wakefield, N.H. As a legislator, he fought the disenfranchisement of Catholics. Wife Margaret Palmer descended fishmongers Capt. William Hilton, Sr., and Govs. Thomas Dudley, Sr., and John Winthrop, Sr. Her father was Patriot inn keeper and legislator, one-arm Maj. Barnabas Palmer, Sr.


Daughter Adeline Cecelia Copp was born N.H.,  1799, married New Orleans, New Orleans City Attorney, John (W.?) Nixon, Adj. Lt. de Jeans 1st Louisiana Militia in the 1815 Battle of New Orleans. She died Biloxi 1876. I descend her daughter Jane Anna Nixon, 1820-1898, the second wife of LtCol Robert Wm. James. They had Biloxi harbormaster, Capt. Harry Copp James, 1848-1923, my great grandfather. Daughter Martha Bell Nixon, 1818-1904, wed asst. New Orleans City Attorney, Peregrine Snowden Warfield, Esq., of Georgetown, D.C.; close kin of base-born Bessie Warfield who wed King Edward VIII of England. Mrs. Adeline Cecelia Copp Nixon's siblings were Miss Mary Porter Copp, Wm. Augustus Copp, Miss Margaret Palmer Copp, and John Manning Copp, who I think returned from New Orleans to Stafford County, N.H.? Seek their graves, fates, and descendants.


A descendent is a former Chief U.S. District Court Judge impeached in U. S. Congress concerning gambling debts.


Jim Miller, Dutchman's Creek Bluff, Southport, Noth Carolina

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