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I have looked for a discussion forum on analyzing common genes on FTDNA's Chromosome Browser - no sign of any previous discussions.

Can anyone tell me the significance of having 5 bars lined up exactly the same spot on the same chromosome?


This attachment shows the autosomal chromosome browser comparison for myself, two known cousins (father and son) who are descendants of my G Grandfather's sister, and two other matches who are father and daughter.  We have no idea who our common ancestor is for the father and daughter, but suspect that person would have lived in Scotland.

I'm wondering if that particular gene sequence might have been inherited by all of us from the same ancestor.

Until yesterday, I have never seen any other examples of this kind of lineup, but I found another one yesterday,.  The attachment below shows my husband's autosomal matches.  He has  8 matches on chromosome 1 - all members of 3 generations of one family.  My  husband has a Scottish ancestor with the same surname, but we have no idea who the common ancestor might be.


I will be grateful for any suggestions on how to learn more about this phenomenon.

Sharon Clayton

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That sure does look to me like an indication of a common ancestor. I would get all parties to upload to GEDMATCH to verify further, and possibly find more cousins, if you haven't already done so.



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