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Hello: I'am trying to locate more military information on Hezekiah McIntire of Reading,Massachusetts.

In the Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailers there are 2 entries for Hezekiah - surname spelling different.

Vol. 10. Page 113 - Hezekiah MacKintier
Vol. 10. Page 514 - Hezekiah McIntyer

Hezekiah was born - 2-28-1751 - Middleton, Massachusetts
Died - April 27,1819 - in Reading, Massachusetts

He was married twice - 1st wife - Anna McIntire (same surname)
2nd wife - Sarah(Blanchard) Flint - McIntire

Hezekiah's parents were - Benjamin and Experience(Elliott)McIntire

Any information on his military time or pension's/land grant's would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all.

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Just so that you know, there is no record of Hezekiah under any similar surname in the approved DAR records. That just means that no one has asked the DAR to approve him as their ancestor. Other records will have to be found for him. Barb

Do you have more detail on Benj. & Experience (Elliott) McIntire?

I have a Benjamin McIntire who first appears in Falmouth, Maine area in Oct. 1787 via his signing off with brother David on Falmouth, Maine land deed. David & Benjamin's father was Henry McIntire whose land was being signed off on.

I'm sorry that I have no add'l info on your Hezekiah.





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