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20 aug 1805

:-Names of'Officers killed, wounded, and, missing. 


His Majesty's-75th Reg.—Lieutenant Archibald Stewart. 


.Artillery.—Captain J. Nelly.; Lieutenant G. Swiney, and'Mr. Con. Whale. 

His Majesty's65th Reg.-—Captain Bates..; Lietftenants Bates and Hutchins. , 

His Majesty's6Sth Reg.—Captain W.rBoys.; LieutenantsHamilton and Mansel. 

European Reg.—Lieutenant "Moore, since dead. 

8th Nafive.'.Reg.—Lieutenant -.Ker, fince dead. 

4tt Batt. -1-2th Reg. ;N -I —Major J. Radclisse; 

Lieutenants C.fRyne and J. Taylor. 

2d Batt. 12th Ditto-—Captain Fletcher ; Lieutenants J. Barker,  J. Drysdale, arid Honorable J. 


1rst Batt. 15th Ditto.—Lieutenants H. Sibley atid 

W. D. Turner. 

2d Batt. 2d Ditto.—Captain Griffiths.; Lieute 


Pioneer Corps.—Lieutcnant.A. Locfcett

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