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At 8:11pm on February 11, 2010, Andrea Welter Mellott said…

Your name came up when I did a search for FAUST. Were they in Summit Co., OH or Elkhart Co., IN? Let me know even if they weren't. Happy Hunting!

At 8:49am on January 2, 2010, Cheryl Martin Arrowood said…
(Is anyone researching the Martin family from Ireland who came to Wisconsin/Michigan? John Martin was born in Ireland, as was his wife, Bessie and all their children. Bessie was born in 1830 and died in Wisconsin in 1915. They had three children: Joseph, Frank, Micheal. Joseph was born in 1871 in County Donegal, Ireland.)

I ran across this post this morning in searching for a Frank Martin who was my great grandfather. I found some things on but didnt get very far there. This Frank was born in 1872-73 from what i have found in Lincoln county, Ky and was married to a Sally. My grandfather which was Franks son Edgar Woolford Martin died at an early age of 28 back in 1924 in Newport, Ky so my father who was 6 at time never knew much family history. It was said that they came from virginia originally and we were black Irish is what my grandmother always told my Dad. I saw the post mentioning a Frank so i was wondering if it has any connection to what i'm looking for. Thanks very much!
At 2:28pm on August 13, 2009, Gaile Jon Killey said…
If you are still trying to get a "Family Tree Maker" program, I may a suggestion for you. Try the Library. I got my FTM from the Schaumburg Township Library in Illinois. Definately cheaper. Our library has a large section of videos, audio and computer games and programs. Just an idea.
At 9:56am on July 27, 2009, Katie Heitert Wilkinson said…
Hi, Caro - Might you have any information on the Nallys descended from Michael Nally born in County Mayo, Ireland aboutt 1869. He came to Massachusetts between 1882 and 1895, but ultimately settled in the Pittsburgh area. Michael was married to Marie ---? (no info on her). Their children were Thomas (b. 1892); Mary (b. 1895); Joseph (b. 1897); John (b. 1901); and George (b. 1906).Son Josepn married Florence (b. 1897 in Pittsburgh). There children were Imelda (b" 1917); Howard A. (b. 1918), James (b. 1920); Manilla (?) (b: 1921; Lawrence (b. 1923) - killed in WW II; Paul (b. 1924); Alice ? Patricia ?

Michael Nally was my maternal grandmother's uncle. I learned later the she stayed in touch thourgh letters with all her relatives in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia who had also come to America.

But I haven't had much luck locating descendents.

Do you see any points of connection?

At 5:39am on July 26, 2009, Daniel M. Ream said…
Hi Caro, Here is more info. The Ream family was in PA until 1836,then moved to Coshocton Co. OH ,where they lived until 1852 and moved on to Clay Co. IN.
At 7:07pm on July 25, 2009, Daniel M. Ream said…
She was born in Snyder Co. PA, They were married in 1814.
At 2:08pm on July 25, 2009, Daniel M. Ream said…
Hi Caro, are you related to Peter Ream?
At 8:53pm on July 24, 2009, Keith McKain said…
Hi Carol - I wish I could tell you I have information that will do you some good -- but I cannot. Though I have 107 Heilmans currently in my database - none match anyone you mentioned. But I continue working the line and will keep you in mind as I do. Perhaps I will discover the tie at some later time. Meanwhile - you are welcome to examine what I have at: -- just look in the Surname Index. (as you can see - I have expanded my Heilmans by a dozen or so since I posted the website - I am continuing my work there). Oh - a point of confusion - I have several Heilman-Heilman marriages (they are NOT mistakes).
Should you find anything that can help my line - please let me know.
At 6:56am on July 24, 2009, Ellen Zarnick said…
Hey Carol! I really don't know. I have racked by brains trying to come up with something to track them down. If I knew the parish, I might be able to track them thru church records. The Kernans are a frustrating lot!
At 9:11pm on July 23, 2009, Karl-Michael SALA said…
The font you have selected here is very faint. So, I'm going to see if bold improves it. Either way, I recommend selecting another if you wish to maintain blue color. If not, then perhaps try changing the color to black.

Because you are the leader of the group, I offer you the first complimentary Germany or Poland research consultation. The same will then be offered to all. However, email me directly
At 3:42pm on July 23, 2009, Donna M. Fellows said…
Thanks Caro. It was a 28+ year search for her but not the warm and fuzzy kinda reunion... Anyway, I got the names of her parents and her grandparents and said I would try to find out more info. I'm pretty much a newbie in the geneaology side. One good thing is the dead don't move around!!!
At 4:15pm on July 22, 2009, Kate Steere said…
Genealogy keeps me from going completely insane. :) I started 3.5 years ago, when my oldest was 2 and my In-Laws came to visit...which is another story LOL.

You aren't alone!
At 4:04pm on July 22, 2009, Kate Steere said…
:) no worries- I have 2 clingers today, my 1 year old and my 5 year old...luckily only one can fit on my lap!:) no worries- I have 2 clingers today, my 1 year old and my 5 year old...luckily only one can fit on my lap!

At 12:55pm on July 21, 2009, Kate Steere said…
no problem. Caro ;)
I'm originally from Philly, but only lived there 3 years. But most of my roots are there once they landed in the US. :)

I'm happy to help, just send me a message when you find your notes. :) I know howe it is, I've got some many lines going, its nuts. :)

At 12:33pm on July 21, 2009, Kate Steere said…
Hi Caro-
I saw your comment on genealogbank users, let me know who you are looking for, maybe I can help?
At 9:02pm on July 20, 2009, Jo Kotylak said…
Well it does and it doesn't, it does help in that I'm able to create a full and valid family tree with same sex couples, it doesn't because as I said apart from that prejudice Legacy ROCKS. Pity, may have to use both FTM and Legacy, FTM for the basics such as couples and legacy for the rest. Rats. Thanks for the heads up though
At 1:08am on July 17, 2009, Unknown Ancestor said…
A prrooffreding circle would help both GenyWise and individual's projects. What is the length of you book; what localities and ethic groups does it feature? How soon do you need editing or proofing?
At 8:57pm on July 14, 2009, Fran Ellsworth said…
At 2:16pm on July 14, 2009, Deborah Ann (Dorscher) Anderson said…
It wouldn't be there fault, it says right on there it can't be changed, and that is how I like setting mine up. This way I don't get anything that I don't want. Sorry for the hazzle.
At 2:07pm on July 14, 2009, Deborah Ann (Dorscher) Anderson said…
No you can not change the settings after made. But what you can do if you would like is contact the members that you have and asking them if they would mind having this group deleted so that you can make your own group for this surname. Just let me know.




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