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At 6:48pm on February 27, 2021, Alice Marie Beard said…

Larry BOWLES died August 12, 2020. He was born April 13, 1942, in Kansas City, Kansas, the son of Lenna Louise CLARK (1921-2001), who was the daughter of Clarence CLARK (1901-1957), who was the son of  Thomas Jefferson CLARK (1875-1958), who was the son of Elizabeth KUYKENDALL (abt 1851-1899), who was the daughter of Sarah E. LINK (1833-1893), who was the daughter of Elizabeth C. HUFFORD (1803-1872), who was the daughter of David HUFFORD (abt 1781-bef 1831), who was the son of Daniel HOFFART (abt 1755-1817), who was the son of Christian HOFFARTH (1716-1788). 

At 7:35pm on February 15, 2020, Diana Erickson Kirtland said…

I am researching names of ancestors that have been posted before .. 11 years ago on the comments. Let's try this request again. from that data I have uncovered. 

My great grandmother  Betty Eleanora Swanson (name given in America).  Probably Svenson arriving in America. Resided in Chicago IL until she married Charles August Benson. They moved to North Dakota.

parents of Betty Eleanora Svenson (Swanson) :

Glazier Sven Johnsson  born October 31, 1841  Virestad , Kronobergs, Sweden and he died November 19, 1921 - unsure location

MARRED: Inga Maria Samuelson  born March 24, 1842:  Virestad, Kronobergs, Sweden and died May 29, 1924, unsure location

PARENTS OF Glazier Scen Jonsson

Jonas Olofsson born August 10, 1800  Vilhelmina, Vasterbottens, Sweden and died September 2, 1865  Erikstad, Nordland, Norway

MARRIED: Anna Elisabet Eriksdotter born  December 20, 1799 and died May 1, 1865 Fredricks, Vasterbottens, Sweden

PARENTS OF Jonas Olofsson

Olof Jonsson born in 1775 in Vilhelmina, Vasterbottons, Sweden  and died December 17, 1841 in Sweden - unsure location.

MARRIED: Margareta Martendsotter born July 28, 1772 in Vilhelmina, Vasterbottens, Sweden and died Januaru 30, 1838 - unsure location.

PARENTS OF Anna Elisabet Eriksdotter

Erik Persson (or Pehrsson) born August 1, 1763 unsure location and died April 15, 1803 in Asele, Vsterbottens, Sweden. 

MARRIED: Kirstian Johansdotter born May 23, 1763 in Asele, Vasterbottens, Sweden and died January 13, 1820 in Asele, Vasterbottens, Sweden.

It would be wonderful to find any birth, death or marriage records on any of these individuals. - Thank you so much. I do not know the Swedish language and thus cannot read nor decipher any genealogy records .. even if I could access them. I tried once .. impossible for me. -- Diana

At 4:12pm on January 28, 2016, Rebecca Haydock said…

Hi Larry.

I see you researched the Christensen family from Aarlborg. Jacob Christensen, Hans Christensen and Georg Christensen. Now I know my partner's great great grandfather was in fact Hans Christisn Christensen who was married to Elizabeth Heath and they lived in Christianshavn but we no little about their ancestors. Do you know more? Thank you.

At 7:55am on February 16, 2011, linda said…

hi its been awhile since i was on here still looking for all infor on has jensen roed and marie susanna povelsdotter...daughter ellen ...thank u so much

At 10:26am on December 18, 2010, Rosslyn Atkins said…



have just joined this site - was delighted to see you have family in Aalborg! I am researching my husbands family - originally from Aalborg,  Jacob Christensen abt 1780 - son Hans Christian abt 1812 - his son George Abraham abt 1858 (Copenhagen).  Hans (Henry) married an English woman Elizabeth Heath from Dartmouth. We would like to visit next year and would love to know if any Christensens remain in Aalborg?? Any guidance would be great! Thankyou Rosslyn

At 3:20pm on June 1, 2010, Jean Wilcox Hibben said…
Absolutely, any folks interested in joining SCCAPG (or who just want to learn about the organization) are most welcome. Our open meeting is on Sat. from 5-6pm in Sunset A&B in the convention center. See you there!
At 2:01pm on October 24, 2009, Cheri Hopkins said…
I left messages several places, but thought I'd try this also. Need <1900s maps that show parishes(names and area covered) within each Lan of Sweden. I know that FHL has a film with these but I have no access through the very small LDS church here. Do you know if I can find maps anyplace else? Thanks, Cheri Hopkins
At 4:52pm on September 6, 2009, frank E. Whatley said…
Larry, I will send your information to RSGS web master to send to our grp members, our meeting
start on the 16th
At 11:40am on August 18, 2009, Jilaine Hock said…
Good Afternoon, Larry. Thank you for your response about the Genline translation. I am hoping not to impose to much on you to translate some information for me. I have found three pages from Genline that I could use help with.

10015.20.52500 _scb Alvsborg Deaths 1880-1880 RE: #8 Axel Theodore, I would like to know the reason for his death
702.6.74600 Alvsborg, Raggard Deaths RE: Nov. 17, 1855 Starlanda, Raggard Olaf August - the reason for his death
7-3.4.29400 Alvsborg, Rannelanda, Church Accountings RE: Ingrid Hansdotter ( she is the second entry) She had a child out of wedlock and was fines by the church, I am curious to know what the fine was

I appreciate your help very much. I find that relatives are so much more accepting of my genealogy ramblings when I can include information other than the born and died info.

Jilaine Hock
At 8:22pm on August 9, 2009, Jean Wilcox Hibben said…
Hi, Larry,

You asked why HSJGS doesn't have their logo on our Corona Gen Soc page ... well, I emailed the webmaster for permission and am still waiting for it! I didn't put up any logos without permission first. So, that's the long & short of it. Now, assuming your question = permission, I shall make that correction ASAP. We'd love to have it listed there!! Thanks. Jean
At 1:43pm on August 4, 2009, Paula Hinkel said…
We filmed footage at the 2009 Jamboree and will be using it to put together a promotional video for next year. Thanks for asking!
At 9:59pm on August 3, 2009, Cindy Maschner said…
Remember that time about 30 years ago in the Hemet Jr High office when you were talking to Dorothy about her grandparents that she could not remember? On a lark you asked me as I walked by (on my first month of teaching) who my grandparents were, and I rattled them off. You were impressed a 'young lady' knew the info! The next day you brought me a group sheet with my great grandparents listed in MN! You got me hooked!
At 4:30pm on July 30, 2009, Elaine Carlson said…
Larry you are amazing! I struggle with reading the Swedish church documents. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I have been looking for my next link to bridge me to the previous have provided it! I knew Lars' mother, but could not figure out his father's last name.
Again, thanks for the help.

At 7:30pm on July 29, 2009, Elaine Carlson said…
Many thanks...the Genline file is for Lars Svensson...bottom and top of next. Death 31 March 1839 Buried??? 7th April 1839

Kalmar, Hvena...173.30.81800, [Kalmar] Vena, CI:4, Deaths, 1815 - 1844, 0/611, Image 317 of 333

81800 0/61 Normal page - 173.30.81800

At 8:23pm on July 27, 2009, Mary Hellman said…
Larry! If I met you today and would flat out give you a big hug!! The information you gave me proves the two sisters I thought were Mathlida's sisters really are!! I am so thrilled beyond believe. My husband thought there was something really wrong because I was screeching all over the house with every little bit of infomation you gave me. This means the world to me and I hope someday I will be able to make someone else as happy as I am now.

Thank you so very much Larry.

At 5:25pm on July 26, 2009, Mary Hellman said…
Oh my. Larry - don't worry about it then. That would be a ton of searching for sure so please do not worry about it.


At 12:47pm on July 26, 2009, Mary Hellman said…
Larry: Would it be possible for you to copy the record for Mathilda Larsson, born 9-21-1867, Genarp 1352.13.43000 GID. You did three of the other records for me however Leif found this one as well. The Swedish naming system is confusing. Mathlida's father's name was Nils Larsson. So she could have gone by Larsson, or Nilsdotter. Yikes!
At 7:03am on July 23, 2009, Mary Hellman said…
Larry: Here is what Larry found. In your books, would there be a way to scan the infomration and send them to me?

Ola Nilsson, Born 4-17-1862, Genarp. 100012.45.60300 GID
Mathilda Larsson, born 9-21-1867, Genarp 1352.13.43000 GID
Maria, born 8-31-1888, Genarp 100012.145.19300 GID
Family moved from Genarp to Skurup, Skurup 1352.13.43000 GID

I do not know what the number and GID mean.
At 8:28pm on July 22, 2009, Mary Hellman said…
Larry. There is another guy on this sight helping as well. He was able to confirm Genarp for the place Mathilda was born. He noted also her parents were Nils Larsson and Bengta Nilsdotter.

Also, Mathlida and Ole B Nelson (Ola Nilsson) married December 30, 1887 in Sweden. Would Sweden have Ole's parents name in that infomration?

Thanks for helping.
At 8:17pm on July 20, 2009, Mary Hellman said…
Mathilda's death certificate just says she was born in Sweden. However, her obituary definately states Grenart, Sweden. Her parents name were Nils Larsson and Bengta Nilsdotter. In the states census records their last names were listed as Larson and Nelson. So confusing to me.




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