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At 11:44pm on February 12, 2010, John Wunsch said…
Hi Chris, how are you? We are fine. Lots of rain and cold over here. My sister and her husband from Melbourne are coming over here next month. It has been six years since I have seen her. I don't recall getting your Skype link yet. Can you send it to me. My id is "wunschs" without the quote marks..

I am still working , albeit slowly on the records gathering. However we had a nice experience. I was searching for a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) lodging and found one almost one mile from Creevedonnell. I have communicated with the owners about the area and they know about the Dunn family. Well I was reading my cousins Lauries compilation and in one of the Dunn letters it mentions the family name of BREDIN. Well that is the same name as the people who own the B&B. Another email to ask if we were related came back with a Yes we are....Very interesting. I will keep you in the loop. In the meantime, please send your Skype id so I can give you a call. Send it to my email please.

Best wishes,

John Wunsch
At 10:21pm on January 19, 2010, John Wunsch said…
Chris, it looks like we may be second cousins. My Dunn family is descended from John Dunn and Margaret Hanna (Creevedonnel) Glendermott Parish. I think you may have corresponded with my cousin Laurie, in Melbourne a while ago as he recalls your blog.

He (Laurie) also added an entry on John Dunn and Margaret Hanna which is listed in your Name Index on your page, however there is an error. Donegal is not where he (John Dunn) was born, if he was actually born in Creevedonnel, because Donegal is about 45 miles to the West near Letterkenny.

The Hanna's (Margarets family) are also from the Londonderry/Creevedonnel area which is in GLENDERMOTT Parish, which is about 5 miles SE of Londonderry proper. Creevedonnel is a "Townland" which is the smallest recognized land holding in Ireland.

Please drop me an email at my home address We have much to talk about. My mother still has a good memory and lots of documentation from John and Margaret's children, her (my mothers) Great Grandparents.

John Wunsch
At 7:51pm on October 13, 2009, Anja van Steel said…
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately my photographic hobby has not included Templestowe - not a this stage but I have a nagging thought I have something on Templestowe, not been able to find it though.

It may be with another disk of information that I haven't indexed as yet - if I find something I will let you know.

At 11:39pm on August 11, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,here we go again.


In loving memory of
Died 13.1.1989 aged 62
Loved daughter of
Townsend & Matilda
Dear sister of Gerald & Keith
In loving memory of
Matilda May
Died 13.5.1983 aged 81
Loved wife of
Townsend Ignatius
died 29.8.1988 Aged 90
Devoted Mother & Father of
Gerald,Margaret & Keith
In loving memory
John Francis
Infant son of
Frank and Patricia
1st May 1953
Died 3rd May 1953
Of your charity
Pray for the soul of
Died 22nd Oct 1936 aged 82
Cornelius Curtin
In loving memory
My beloved husband
and our father
Deid 17th dec 1942
Aged 42 years
In loving memory
Eileen Maud Curtin
Loving wife of M.J.T Curtin
Mother of Frank & Ray
Died 22 Sept 1962 Aged 66 years
And the Above
M.J .T Curtin
Our beloved father
Died 13th Sept 1964 Aged 70 years
Treasured memories of
Francis C.J Curtin
21.7.1921- 22.9.1983
loved husband of Pat
Devoted father of John (Dec),Lorraine,
David & Dianne
Rest in Peace
There we go,hope this helps finish up some of your tree.
I have to still find out about Jerilderi & Toc orphanages for you.
Will be in touch when l know.
take care
At 5:20pm on August 11, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris, Here goes,these will come through in dribs & drabs,hope you don't mind.


In loving memory of
Raymond Thomas Curtin
Died 21st January 1997 aged 72 years
Loved father of PYE, Father -inlaw of Terry
Grandad of ROXANNE
Sleeping Peacefully.

In loving memory
My dear wife,mother & grandma
Lillian Vera Curtin
Passed away 15th August 1976
Aged 67 years

In your charity
Pray for the soul of
Michael J Curtin
Died 22nd Aug 1896 Aged 57
Of your charity
pray for the soul of
Cornelia Curtin
Died 20th March 1902 Aged 6 1/2
wife of
C J Curtin
Died 27th Sept 1927 Aged 72
Chris,did l give you the inscription for Daniel Horgan Jerideri?
More to come later.
At 3:11am on August 11, 2009, Glenda James said…
Not a problem Chris,l will send them of to you tomorrow.
Have a good night
At 2:53am on August 11, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,Are you saying the people in Jerideri cem are of the surname Curtin, if so l have 13 entries. Do you want me to send the lot then you can sift through them.
At 6:47pm on August 10, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There was no orphanage in Deniliquin. So now will see if any in Jerilderi & Toc.Will check out your other request also.
Having a few problems with work,nothing that can't be fixed.
At 4:42pm on August 2, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,
Not a problem, l was actually making sure everything was ok with you.
Was there another query that l can help you with,only to happy to help.
At 3:37pm on August 2, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,
Were these your Cunningham's.
At 12:02am on July 29, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,
Hope this helps.
Pray for the souls
William Cunningham
Died 10th December 1909
Mary Cunningham
Died 4th February 1918
Pray for the soul
Ellen Cunningham
Died 13th May 1946
W.P Cunningham
56th Battn A.I.F.
Died 27th April 1932
Aged 45 years
Hope this helps,
At 8:21pm on July 28, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,
This is not a problem, will send of to you this afternoon, only to pleased to help out. Looks as though l must say Happy belated birthday,hope you had a great day.
Send info to you later.
At 3:49am on July 22, 2009, Geniaus said…
I am so pleased that our Australian Genealogists group ha shelped you knock down a brick wall. What a feat for a group that is only a week old.

Cheers, Geniaus
At 12:28am on July 19, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris.This is strange,same person,same dates same age,l will o out this week & have a look.Now these are for Jerilderi cem.
Hanna Ivy
Sacred to the memory
Ivy Hanna
who died 20th March 1896
6 months
There is a friend for little children
Above the bright blue sky
A friend who never changeth
Whose love will never die
In loving memory of
Beloved husband of
S.A. Hanna
died 14th April 1903
Aged 50 years
Also his son
John Alfred
died 12th July1903
A victim of the "Drayton Grange"
Sorrow Vanquished ,Labour Ended
Jordon Passed
In loving memory of
Lucy Janet Hanna
Died 11th February 1967 aged 82 years
Dearly loved wife of George
And beloved mother of ,Alf,Jean
And darling nan of ,Bill and Geo
So sadly missed
In loving memory of
George Patchell Hanna
Died 2nd july 1952 aged 64
Dearly loved husband of Lucy
And belovd father of Alf & Jean
Darling Pop of Bill and Geo
So sadly missed

John Alfred Hanna, MID
9 Div Cavalry regt 2nd A.I.F.
Passed away 1st June1979
Aged 67 years.
Sadly missed by nephews
Bill and Ged McLaughlin and families.
Chris ,i do have McLaughlins also here and they are related to your lot.
let me know if you want them they are also in Jerilderi.
Hope this is of help.
At 11:59pm on July 18, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris
Actually Ivy Hanna is buried the Deniliquin cemetery,l have the location and will try & get out there this week.X fingers that there is a stone.Ivy is the only Hanna out there.
At 3:14am on July 18, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris,I do have the jerildrie cem book,also will ask around about your publican,l go to berrigan twice a week. Will see what l can fnd out in tocumwal also,have a girlfriend there.
Back to you in few day's Of to see Harry Potter tomorrow, a bit of a fan,
Have a great night
At 2:41am on July 18, 2009, Glenda James said…
Also have Henry Carroll 1/9/1884 aged 44 Hospital.I do have the Perrin file,old undertaker records. If you can give me some time l will go throught them,a big job.But,a goody when l find something.
Quite a few Shannon's but not yours sorry to say.
X your finger for the perrin files
At 2:40am on July 18, 2009, Glenda James said…
Hi Chris, The only Hanna l have is IVY ,6mth 20/3/1896.I have some Carroll's but not sure if they are connected to you.
Patrick 9/10/1880....
Thomas 22/101881...31 yrs old Hopital Delete Comment
At 5:36am on July 15, 2009, Janet Minter said…
Hello Chris, Yes I know of John and his website and have corresponded with him. Our Minters come from Ramsgate, Thanet, Kent. Martin married Rosannah in Kempsey 1869. If we have close lines it would be way back. Regards Jan
At 3:43am on July 15, 2009, Janet Minter said…
Hello Chris, I searched members for Minter and came up with your name. Wondering if we may have similar lines. My Minters mainly lived Kempsey then New Lambton but others did go to Sydney etc. Warmest Regards Jan Minter




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